CLNCC's New Castle County Candidates Forum Set For 7PM Oct. 17th At Prices Corner

The Civic League for New Castle County is hosting a County Candidate Night 

New Castle County Candidates Forum Set For 7PM Oct. 17th At Cranston Heights Fire Hall

7 - 9 PM  Wednesday, October 17th at the

Cranston Heights Fire Hall 3306 Kirkwood Highway near  Prices Corner 

Moderator: Allan Loudell WDEL  Radio

We'll  be taking questions from the audience so come prepared!

First Panel (7 - 7:45 PM)
New Castle County Council Candidates

Tim Sheldon Councilman District 9 Democrat


Scott Sauer-  Republican Candidate Council District 9 Candidate

Chris  Bullock  - Democratic Candidate Council President Nominee

Mike Protack - Republican Candidate Council President Nominee

Break (7:45 - 8:15 PM)
Senate-Level Candidates' introductory remarks

Second Panel (8:15 - 9 PM)
New Castle County Executive Candidates

Tom Gordon - Candidate Democratic County Executive Nominee

Mark Blake - Republican Candidate County Executive Nominee

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