Verizon DSL Reported Broken to Slow on Brookland Ave

Verizon DSL has been reported broken to slow on Brookland Ave . 

 Verizon DSL Ping 0.52 ms Download 0.52 Mb/s Upload 0.71 Mb/s

  Verizon DSL Ping 162 ms Download 0.92 Mb/s Upload 0.00 Mb/s

  Verizon DSL Broken Ping 000 ms Download 0.00 Mb/s Upload 0.00 Mb/s

Three Verizon lineman & amp; technicians were out but Verizon DSL is still slow to broken .

Xfinity / Comcast  Internet was much faster today on

 Armstrong AVE  Ping 16 ms Download 32.76 Mb/s Upload 10.47 Mb/s

Hillside Ave Ping 18 ms Download 22.51 Mb/s Upload 4.13 Mb/s

What are your internet experiences like ?

Please test your internet speed at SpeedTest.net 
& post your results & street in the comments .

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