Downed - TO 2 ↑- Sign Reported to Del-DOT , Route 2 Sign At N. Woodward at Centre Ferris Road /141

Sign was reported to Del-Dot Traffic Maintenance Control New Castle County
(302) 659-2400    TMC1@state.de.us

 In less then 24 Hours on a Sunday Bud Freel the Del-DOT New Castle County Liaison followed up as well .

 Sign really got hit good this time easy 50 feet from the corner . 

And how it should look 

We are looking for suggestions & options for improving our 141 corridor as well ..

So Far Del-Dot has improved signage & pavement markings in the area of Route 141 Faulkland to Kirkwood Hwy . As well a posting the radar your speed is temporary trailers .

Delaware State police continues to do speed enforcement on a regular basis issuing quite a lot of citations ..

Any ideas are welcome , radar speed signs & rumble strips have been mentioned by neighbors .

Again Any Ideas Are Welcome !!!!!!!!

Of Note :  Steve Beare & David Iliff have done a great job of following up with many issues in the 141 Faulkland to Kirkwood Hwy area .  Thank You 

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