Woodland Run Park/Little Mill Creek Cleanup Saturday April 26, 2008

Volunteers Needed!

Woodland Run Park/Little Mill Creek Cleanup
Saturday April 26, 2008

Please give a little of your time to help keep our parkland beautiful! We must increase our awareness and keep it from being destroyed and defaced by thoughtless individuals. It is a beautiful place for all to enjoy! Woodland Run Park is a natural environment and home to deer, fox, raccoons, squirrels and many beautiful bird species. Please help maintain awareness and put a stop to those that litter and deface this beautiful place. Let’s keep it beautiful and safe for our families!

Volunteers will meet by the ball field between 8:45 and 9:00 the morning of the 26th.
Trash bags, gloves and poker sticks will be provided. Please call 302 994-5696 for
sign ups and any questions.

This is a small, but important part of the change and cooperation
we need in our country! We hope to see you there!


"Graffiti Watch" meeting on 19 March 7p.m. at Marbrook

State Representative Deborah Hudson will hold a community "Graffiti Watch" meeting on 19 March 7p.m. at Marbrook Elementary School 2101 Centerville Road Wilmington, DE 19808 ...


Minutes from 12 March

Meeting was call to order by President Charles Stirk at 7pm

Attendance : 14

This included 3 BTCC officers, 10 home owners, a visitor from MarshalltownCC

Officer CPL Browning of the New Castle County Police Department's Community Services Unit came went over the crime report for our development. There were a total of 69 calls made from Jan 1 to Mar 11. He also gave us a non emergency phone number for calling in instead of 911 for general things #573-2800 .

He also went over the Block Watch-Taking Back Our Community- One street at a time. It will take about 30-40 families to get involved to get one set up.

Dave Iliff - talked to us about a park clean up on April 26, 2008 at 9am in morning with a rain date of May 3, 2008.

Treasurers report was given . We have collected so far this year $2,185.00 in dues. Thats a total of 121 home owner paying

Secretary is getting second form for dues waited to past out along with next news letter.

Board of Directors - we need to elect a new board.

Block Captains - we need to get a up dated list made up.

Next Meeting Date was picked - it is April 16, 2008 at Marbrook Elementary School 2101 Centerville Road Wilmington, DE 19808

Also we need to look for a new Treasurer as Joyce would like to give up her position.


Next Meeting & Clean up

The next meeting is 16th of April & amp; the Stream Clean Up is 9 A.M. on the  26th of April .. 


Meeting March 12 at 7pm Marbrook Elementary School

There will be a civic club meeting 7pm March 12 at Marbrook Elementary School 2101 Centerville Road Wilmington, DE 19808 ...

Some items on the agenda are .....

- A representative from the New Castle County Department of Public Safety Community Services Unit will speak

-- David Iliff has volunteered to coordinate a stream clean up in April


Minutes from the last meeting


Election of new officers:

President - Charles C. Stirk Jr
Vice President - Matt Novak
Secretary - William Wheatley
Treasurer - Joyce Grymes

Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by Susan Rivenbark

Code Violations were gone over by a member of New Castle County

State Rep Debbie Hudson spoke next about Roads, Crime and other country items.

Tim Shelton - Councilman spoke next he discussed the new alarm law, Renter Codes, Vitalof Life #395-8171 Emt Alarm Serice and Senior Rolecall #398-8159

Others things brought up at meeting by neighbors attending were cleaning up the park, Easter Egg Hunt, Yard Sales, Community Watch, Crime Stats, picking of new block captains, and getting new snow plowing bids.

At end of meeting Susan Rivernbark resigned as president after 12 years of service and Rose Swiatek resigned Secretary after 15 years.

A new Date for a meeting was set for March 12