Annual Civic Club Dues Drive : Next Meeting 9th of January at Marbrook

Dear Neighbors

It is Time once again to begin our annual civic club dues drive . The cost of membership is still $10 .

We our hoping that everyone will do their fair share and pay their dues in a timely fashion . The past two winters with higher then average have been a serious financial hardship on the civic club .

Thanks to the Del-DOT partial reimbursement program we were able to pay for plowing and still provide many activities for the community .

We would like to remind everyone that you do get a lot for your $10 . We host an annual Summer Incorporation Day Event & Cook Out , Halloween Party , and Easter Egg Hunt and the Christmas Dinner . We provide news letters containing current events .
We work with local governments to strive towards improving our community . And yes we do plow .

Please remember the plowing is restricted by the amount of dues we collect . This is your community and we are only asking that each household do their part to ensure that we are able to continue to provide all the aforementioned services that go into making Brookland Terrace a great place to live .

If you have any questions about your membership dues please call Chuck (President) 463-2239 or Phil (Vice President) 357.6802 or email


We want to extend our thanks to every one who paid last year . And would like to thank everyone in advance for paying this year's dues .

Name :

Address :

Phone :

Email :

Membership Dues ****** $10.00

Make checks payable to B.T.C.C. 405 Hillside Ave Wilmington Delaware 19805

B.T.C.C. 2012 Dates

- Meeting 9th of January at Marbrook

Brookland Terrace Civic Club
Incorporated 1940

405 Hillside Ave
Wilmington Delaware 19805
United States of America




- President-Charles C. Stirk Jr
302.463.2239 brooklandterrace@gmail.com

- Vice President-Phil Weir

- Secretary

- Treasurer Joyce Grymes


NCCPD have recovered some property (mostly jewelry) and will have a showing on Monday, December 19th and Tuesday, December 20th at the Paul J. Sweeney

Good afternoon everyone,

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank everyone who came out to the burglary meeting last night. It was very productive and I hope that we can continue the momentum and take our communities back.

I’d also like to personally thank Sr. Cpl. Mike Snead and Detective Pat Malone for their time and effort they put into the meeting. I’d also like Stephanie Rizzo, my legislative aide, for working with the Police to get this meeting put together in a week’s time. It was very productive.

If you were a victim or know someone that was a victim, the NCCPD have recovered some property (mostly jewelry) and will have a showing on Monday, December 19th and Tuesday, December 20th at the Paul J. Sweeney Public Safety Building (New Castle County Police Headquarters) at 3601 N. DuPont Highway in New Castle from 5:00 – 6:30 PM. Please come to see if some of your property has been recovered. Please spread the word to your family and friends who may have also been a victim.

If you were unable to attend or didn’t get the handouts at the meeting, please go to my website: www.nccde.org/sheldon and look for the scrolling text with the link to the presentation.

Here is the link to the presentation

If you have any additional questions, please contact my office at 395-8369.

Have a great and safe holiday!
Tim Sheldon

800 N. French Street
8th Floor
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 395-8349

Legislative Aide:
Stephanie Rizzo
(302) 395-8369


Burglary Prevention Meeting 7PM Thursday 15th DEC at Linden Hill - County Councilman Tim Sheldon

New Castle Ninth District Update - County Councilman Tim Sheldon

Burglary Prevention Meeting 7PM Thursday 15th DEC at Linden Hill - County Councilman Tim Sheldon


BTCC : Holiday Party this Friday 9 DEC 6:30 PM at Marbrook

BTCC : Holiday Party this Friday 9 DEC 6:30 PM
Marbrook 2101 Centerville Road 19808

Pot Luck Side Dish Welcome .

On the sign up list thus far
  • Baked Ham
  • Turkey
  • Green Salad
  • Baked Mac & Cheese
  • Corn Casserole
  • Pasta
  • Cupcakes
  • Brownies

For more info 999-7733



Light outage on Brookland - Hillside - Maryland Ave in to Delmarva Power

Elsie & Pierre reported Street light outage on Hillside - Maryland at Brookland Ave to Delmarva Power ..


Delmarva Power Report a Street or Area Light Outage

Delmarva Power services more than 80,000 street lights throughout its service territory. We believe street and area lights are an important community safety feature. We thank you for taking the time to make us aware of problems that may include lights that are out, flickering or that have been damaged. Specific information that you can provide regarding the location, address, pole number of the light will help our field personnel make repairs.

Report the street light outage.

For Delmarva Power lights, Delmarva Power Report a Street or Area Light Outage web site to report the outage online or call 1-800-375-7117.
For all other lights, contact the lights' owner to report the outage.

If you discover a downed street light pole, exposed electrical wires or any other hazardous situation on our system, please call Delmarva Power immediately with information that includes the closest address, intersection or llandmark:


BlockWatch - Meeting - Holiday Party

- BlockWatch Update

Reported Burglary : Back Door Kicked In

Limited Details

- Civic Club Meeting 5th December 7PM at Marbrook

Snow Plowing

- Holiday Party Friday 9th December 6:30 - 9PM at Marbrook

Pot Luck Side Dish Welcome

Drinks , Ham & Turkey , Cupcakes & Brownies

Provided By Civic Club & Donations

B.T.C.C. 2011 Dates

-Meeting 5th December 7PM at Marbrook

- Holiday Party Friday 9th December 6:30 - 9PM at Marbrook

New Castle County Councilman Tim Sheldon’s Ninth District Update

plain text version

Burglaries on the Rise
§ There has been a rash of daytime burglaries in Newark/Pike Creek especially.
§ LOCK YOUR WINDOWS AND DOORS!! 42% of all victims do not do so!!
§ Report any suspicious persons, vehicles, or activity by calling the non-emergency number at 573-2800.
§ For other tips on Burglary Prevention, click HERE

Pike Creek Golf Course
§ Superior Court Judge Parkins made a bench ruling that the 1964 and 1969 deed restrictions are enforceable and require a set aside 177 acres for open space.
§ The Court has indicated that it is the Judge’s plan to try to have the opinion written by Christmas, but the Court also advised that there are two other long decisions to be written before the Court can get to our case.

Delaware National Country Club Golf Course
DNREC began their 20-day public comment period November 30th on the remedial action plan for the former golf course site. Site soils have been impacted by 60 years of golf course maintenance and have residual traces of fertilizers and pesticides including: arsenic, mercury, DDT, chlordane, dieldrin, and heptachlor epoxide.

Please send written comments to the DNREC office or contact Stephen F. Johnson, Project Manager, or Robert Newsome, Public Information Officer, at 395-2600. In addition to receiving public comments, DNREC-SIRS will be sponsoring a public workshop at their Lukens Drive office on Wednesday, December 14th from 4:30 to 7:00 PM to address specific concerns.

To see a copy of DNREC’s remedial action plan, click HERE

DSWA Hazardous Waste Event
Taking place Saturday, December 3rd from 8 AM—4 PM at Old Curtis Mill in Newark, DE. For more details on what can be taken, please click HERE

Delaware Hospice
§ They have appealed the Department and Boards’ decisions to Superior Court. No court date has been scheduled.
§ Councilwoman Kilpatrick has put forth an amendment to Chapter 40 (UDC) relating to Institutional Residential Uses, which could affect this application.
§ To read the text of the Ordinance, please click HERE
§ Councilman Sheldon will keep you informed on any public meeting relating to this and/or the text amendment.

Safekeeping of Wills Fee Waived
For the month of December, the Safekeeping of Wills filing fee of $10 has been waived. During this month, residents of New Castle County can file their Will free of charge. For more information, email wills@nccde.org