Next Civic Club Meeting 12 Sept 2011

The next civic club meeting is the September 12th 7 PM at Marbrook Elementary School
2101 Centerville Road Wilmington DE 19805 .


Red Clay School Distict "SCHOOL CLOSED" MONDAY 29 AUG 2011

Marbrook Elementary School "SCHOOL CLOSED"

COMMENTS: UPDATE: Due to anticipated storm damage and power outages, all Red Clay schools
and offices will be closed on Mon., Aug. 29.

We anticipate schools will open on Tues., Aug. 30. Wide-spread power outages may limit how Red Clay can
communicate with parents and staff. Please monitor local media for additional information.


Marbrook Elementary School "NO AFTER-SCHOOL ACTIVITIES"
COMMENTS: Due to the weather forecast, all Red Clay buildings will be closed Sat. 8/27 and Sun. 8/28. All Red Clay activities and building rentals for the weekend have been cancelled. District buildings will remain open Friday 8/26 as scheduled.


Brookland Terrace DEL-DOT Drainage Easement

From the original plan sheets Contract 7512011 from 1979

There may be other drainage easements on the Southern side of the Development that could not be found because only 20 of the 32 plan sheets have been archived electronically. Once Real Estate has completed the deed research; it is possible that others may exist.

Other addresses to properties that may have drainage easements are:

100 Brookland Ave.
1 Albany Place
108 Armstrong Ave.
211 Virginia Ave.
310 Armstrong Ave.

There are known 20’ drainage easements (from the original plan sheets Contract 7512011) that cross the following properties:

714 Hillside Ave.
706 Hillside Ave.
512 Hillside Ave.
406 Hillside Ave.
610 Ohio Ave. (Partially across the front yard)
394 Hillside Ave.


Issues with Artesian Water

There have been multiple issues with Artesian Water .

- Multiple water leaks at multiple dozens of Artesian Water valves over the past several years in the terrace .

Most of these repairs have taken months to be addressed by Artesian Water & months for work to be completed

- Ongoing issues regarding reconstruction during the Artesian Water Main Renewal Project

During the current Brookland Terrace Water Main Renewal project , gas line were broken that home owners had to notify your crews about , lack of silt fences , no traffic control , cars blocked in drive ways , water turned off with out notice , tree roots were cut with a it will be ok . With clean up and restoration staples improperly inserted , improper grading , silted up storm drains , curbs walkways & steps improperly redone , walls half redone & this is just a sampling .

- Artesian Water shutting off service with out doing three late notices as required by the Public Service Commission tariff .

From what we have been able to gather after talking with Public Service Commission , Artesian Water is required to do at least three notices , a Letter , Door Hanger , Phone Calls speaking with a person or with messages left would all count as a notice .

There is also at least a thirty day grace period of sorts for this notice process to take place .

It has been brought to our attention that multiple homes in Brookland Terrace had water service shut off by Artesian Water with out receiving a bill , nor the required three notices , & inside of the required 30 day grace period of the due date , charging a $100 reconnection fee .

If any one has had issues with Artesian Water or know of others that have in any of the above matters please let us know .

We would like to have as complete a picture as possible as we can move forward rectifying the ongoing issues with Artesian Water .

Artesian Water response to the above

Link to May Post :Water Leak Reported 13 May 2011 at Vermont & Armstrong Ave .
For those of us who had forgotten it had last rained 0.22 " on the 6th of May

Here is the text of the Artesian Water Company Response to Public Service Commission :

Bills for Brookland Terrace customers were sent on June 20, 2011. To avoid penalties, payment must have been received by July 15, 2011. The Shut-Off Notice was sent on July 19, 2011 with a “Must be Paid By” date of August 2, 2011 to avoid disconnection. A recorded phone message was sent to all who were delinquent on August 4, 2011, except for the very few who have not provided us with a phone number. This call is a courtesy call not required by tariff. A review of customer phone calls during the period in question shows there were nine phone calls from residents of Brookland Terrace having to do with disconnected service due to non -payment. Of the nine calls, six calls were to report payment had been made and asking when reconnection would occur, two asked for extensions which were granted and one stated he did not receive the shut off notice that was mailed to him July 19, 2011. A courtesy call could not be made to this customer because he had not provided a phone number. Elaine Christopher Artesian Water

A portion of the PSC tariff relevant to Artesian Water billing

The specific portion of PSC tariff dealing with delinquent Artesian Water bills


RYUU Missing

Community Yard Sales Saturday August 6th, Rain Date August 7th 8am-? Brookland Terrace Located off Centerville Rd between Greenbank and Faulkland Rds.

Huge Multi-Family Yard Sale Saturday August 6th and 7th, 8AM - ?

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