Brookland Terrace DEL-DOT Drainage Easement

From the original plan sheets Contract 7512011 from 1979

There may be other drainage easements on the Southern side of the Development that could not be found because only 20 of the 32 plan sheets have been archived electronically. Once Real Estate has completed the deed research; it is possible that others may exist.

Other addresses to properties that may have drainage easements are:

100 Brookland Ave.
1 Albany Place
108 Armstrong Ave.
211 Virginia Ave.
310 Armstrong Ave.

There are known 20’ drainage easements (from the original plan sheets Contract 7512011) that cross the following properties:

714 Hillside Ave.
706 Hillside Ave.
512 Hillside Ave.
406 Hillside Ave.
610 Ohio Ave. (Partially across the front yard)
394 Hillside Ave.

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