Snow is automatically plowed at 2"

- Just to remind everyone there is a New Castle County Listening Campaign meeting tomorrow at Cranston Heights Fire Hall
6:00pm Thursday, January 29

- Just to let everyone know as we have it set up now the snow is automatically plowed at 2"

At under 2" of snow it is at our discretion to plow or not

The a majority of the B.T.C.C. officers decided that because it was less than 2" of snow & was going to be above freezing during the day today & to not plow this time

- If we could please ask that people Check to make sure their storm drains in the street are clear so the wintery mix has some place to melt .


Ferris Road - Centre Road 2300-2909

Ferris Road - Centre Road 2300-2909

There has often been Confusion about the Ferris Road - Centre Road Naming ......

Houses next door to each other seem to use different postal Addresses

Do we have an opinion ?

What is your postal address listed as ?

All of the street signs at Walnut Ave - Beech Ave - North Woodward Ave - Hillside Ave all have the Cross street on the sign as Centre Road .....

- 911

After talking to Dennis M. Quinn at 911 It seems that 911 has the road listed as Ferris Road ... 2300-2909 Ferris Road ..

From East Brookland Ave to Centerville Road or 2300-2909 Ferris Road . ...

- Del-DOT

After Talking to Ms. Misty Seemans at Del Dot the Tech Name for Ferris Road - Centre Road

141 is Centre North of Faukland RD

141 is Ferris South Of Faulkland Road

-Post Office

I followed up with a Bob Lewis at Lancaster Station Office & the Post Office has the road listed as 2400 - 2799 Ferris Road & 2800 - 2899 Centre Road .... Bob Lewis is checking with Dave are mail carrier to check if there have been any issues that Dave is aware of ...


New Castle County Listening Campaign Schedule All meetings begin at 6:00pm

County News Archive

NEW CASTLE, Del. – County Executive Chris Coons, Council President Paul Clark, and members of County Council will begin a countywide listening campaign on Thursday, January 22, 2009, that will visit each of the 12 Council Districts in New Castle County.

Each session will consist of a presentation on County services and the financial challenges that lie ahead, followed by a group discussion. County officials and representatives from each County department will be present to answer questions. The feedback officials receive from the public will help shape the budget that the County Executive presents to Council in March.

“The 12 sessions of our listening campaign will provide an opportunity for us to hear from the public what they value and what they are willing to pay for,” said County Executive Chris Coons. “I believe these sessions can and should be positive and constructive as we take a hard look at every aspect of County government.”

Because of declining revenues, the County’s general operating budget deficit is projected to grow to nearly $40 million next year. The County’s total operating budget for FY2009 is $240 million.

Listening Campaign Schedule
(All meetings begin at 6:00pm)

Thursday, January 29 with 1st District Councilman Joseph Reda
at the Cranston Heights Fire Hall
3306 Kirkwood Highway, Wilmington

Wednesday, February 4 with 2nd District Councilman Robert Weiner
at the Brandywine Hundred Library
1300 Foulk Road, Wilmington

Monday, February 9 with 3rd District Councilman Bill Tansey
at the Hockessin Memorial Hall
1225 Old Lancaster Pike, Hockessin

Wednesday, February 11 with 7th District Councilman George Smiley
at the Gilliam Building
77 Reads Way, New Castle

Thursday, February 19 with 6th District Councilman Bill Powers
at the New Castle County Southern Patrol Police Station
605 North Broad Street, Middletown

Monday, February 23 with 9th District Councilman Timothy Sheldon
at the Millcreek Fire Hall
3900 Kirkwood Highway, Marshallton

Thursday, February 26 with 10th District Councilman Jea Street
at the Rose Hill Community Center
19 Lambson Lane, New Castle

Wednesday, March 4 with 4th District Councilman Penrose Hollins
at the PS DuPont Elementary School
701 W. 34th Street, Wilmington

Monday, March 9 in the 5th Council District
at the Newark Free Library
750 Library Avenue, Newark

Wednesday, March 11 with 12th District Councilman J. William Bell
at the Holloway Terrace Fire Hall
700 West Avenue, New Castle


Brookland Terrace Civic Club Graffiti Watch Update

We called in Graffiti on Stop Sign At Hillside Ave 2800 2900 Ferris Road / Centre Rd Wilmington Delaware 19805 United States of America

- At 3:41 PM Called into Non-Emergency Number 573-2800

-at 3:51 got a call from Dispatch clarifying location 651-3700

-4:50 got a call from Dispatch with more info 651-3700

-5:00 I spoke with NCCP Off Kirby 5:03 Report # 3209008906 ... 651-3700

- Did a blog post Posted Photos as soon as we get a call from them that a photo has been taken we will remove ..

- 5:03 got call from NCCP Off Kirby Dispatch it is not NCCP it is State Police was advised to call Troop 6

-5:19 called Troop 6 could not get through 302.633.5000

-5:20 called State Police Troop 6 Cpl. Walsh the Desk Sgt. advises it is NCCP juristrisction 302.633.5000

-5:23 called Dispatch 651-3700 put on hold my phone died

--5:33 called 651-3700 asked to speak with with NCCP Off Kirby he disagreeed with State Trooper Cpl.Walsh but agreed to take report # 3209008906 & advised dispatch would not be prompt as it was Friday evening


New Castle County Phone List

Office of County Executive
Christopher A. Coons 395-5101

Information, Assistance and Property Complaints
Information, Assistance, Complaints,
and Code Enforcement 395-5555

Community Services
Community Partnership 395-5600
Neighborhood Rehabilitation 395-5600
Section 8 395-5600
New Castle County Police’s Graffiti Tip Line (302) 571-7332.
Library Administration 395-5617
Park Permits/Pavilion Rental 395-5654
Recreational Programs 395-5696
Senior Services 395-5657
Special Events Information 395-5656
Sports & Athletics 573-2043
Wheels Program (Healthcare
Transportation for Seniors) 395-5660

Human Resources 395-5180
Job Information Line 395-5627

Land Use
General Information 395-5400
Assessment 395-5520
Board of Adjustment 395-5400
Inspections Scheduling 395-5515
Licenses/Permits 395-5400
Zoning 395-5400

Police Emergency 911
General Information 395-8171
Community Services 395-8050
Emergency Preparedness 395-2700
Non-Emergency Number 573-2800
Senior Roll Call 395-8159

Special Services
Sewer Emergency 395-5700
General Information 395-5700
Park Maintenance 395-5720

Sewer/Tax Bill Inquiries 323-2600

County Facilities
Absalom Jones Senior Center 995-7636
The Art Studio 995-7661
Bear Library 838-3300
Brandywine Hundred Library 477-3150
Carousel Park &
Equestrian Center 995-7670
Claymont Library 798-4164
Memorial Library 378-8838
Delaware City Library 834-4148
Elsmere Library 892-9814
Garfield Park PAL 656-9501
PAL Activities 571-4004
Hockessin Library 239-5160
Hockessin PAL 239-8857
PAL Activities 239-8863
Kirkwood Highway Library 995-7663
New Castle Public Library 328-1995
Newark Free Library 731-7550
Rockwood Museum 761-4340
Woodlawn Library 571-7425

Brookland Terrace Civic Club Block Watch Update

We have had reports of that several cars a have been broken into Brookland Terrace , most of these seem to be bash & grab type of thefts of small electronic equipment GPS & the like ....

There has also been a noticeable increase in Graffiti in Brookland Terrace & Woodland Run Park, the Graffiti Watch will be cleaning up as much as possible & will be painting over the rest ....

We are asking every one to please keep their eye out & call in any suspicious activity or Graffiti to 911 or the non emergency # 573-2800 .

Also Please let us know of any Graffiti & When something is called in to the police that would be very helpful in helping the Brookland Terrace BlockWatch & Brookland Terrace Graffiti Brigade keep tabs on trends & do any necessary follow up with the appropriate authorities & agencies

Minutes from 12 Janurary 2009 Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7pm. Attendance all the officers and 5 residents.

Park Clean Up was discussed and the end of April was agreed upon.

Block Watch was discussed and email addresses were requested.

Snow Removal - no bids have been received - Rob Andrews who has done it before phone #996-9396

Cats - A house in the 400 block of Ohio Ave house that is the cause of the discussion - a friendly letter will be sent to them giving them names of organizations that help fix the cats.

Next Meeting Date was set March-2-2009 at 7pm

Christmas Party report was that about 35 people attended and had a good time. It was requested that we move the next party to the school .

Cranston Heights Fire house got lots of nice comments on their Santa Ride thru the neighborhood.

Letters of thank you are too be sent to the church and the fire company.

Music in the Park and a Strawberry Festival were discussed also a Easter Egg Hunt this year would be nice for the children. Music in the park Wednesday nights was the day everyone finally came to agree upon.

Brookland Terrace Civic Club



- President-Charles C Stirk Jr
302.463.2239 ccstirkjr@gmail.com

- Vice President-Glen Fuller

- Secretary William Wheatley
302.996.9503 williamwheatley@aol.com

- Treasurer Joyce Grymes


Traffic Shift on Route 141 Set to Start Tuesday, January 20

DelDOT Public Relations
1-800-652-5600 or 302-760-2080

Traffic Shift on Route 141
Set to Start Tuesday, January 20

Wilmington – The Department of Transportation (DelDOT) advises motorists who use Route 141, that Tuesday, January 20 and Wednesday, January 21, traffic will be shifted from the old pavement to the new pavement. This means that four lanes of traffic will be open, two lanes in each direction, on the eastside of Route 141.

This traffic switch will allow work to begin on the old pavement on the westside of Route 141. Four travel lanes will be maintained after the switch, which will last for one year.

Expect delays between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. while work takes place. The traffic switch is weather dependent. Message boards have been set up notifying drivers of the shift.

The Route 141, Kirkwood Highway to Faulkland Road, project is designed to improve safety, relieve congestion, improve and add pedestrian and bicycle facilities, and enhance the area’s aesthetics. Greggo & Ferrara, Inc., a New Castle-based construction firm, began construction in fall 2007 and will continue through 2010. Landscaping will take place in 2011.

For more information, visit DelDOT’s Web page dedicated to the project at www.de141.deldot.gov or tune to WTMC-AM 1380.



Next Meeting Jan. 12th - 7:00PM

Monday, Jan. 12th - 7:00PM

Marbrook Elementary School
2101 Centerville Road
Wilmington, DE 19808
New Castle County