Ball Field Dredged By NCC Parks

Kentucky Green Benches Painted In The Park

The Kentucky green benches were painted in Woodland Run ... with materials provided by New Castle County Parks in 2009 .

Swings & Bridges also need some touch painting as well , rainy Saturdays have been mucking up paint schedule .


Basketball Nets Replaced

We replaced basketball nets Monday night thanks to Jeff & Ian for the help .

New Castle County Parks removed downed tree very quickly

New Castle County Parks removed a downed tree in the park at 600 Armstrong very quickly ... This was reported on the 28th of April & NCC Forestry got to it on the 9 th of May ..

As all ways New Castle County Special Services - NCC Parks is a pleasure to work with as a community.


Grass Cut Centre-Ferris Road

We cut the grass today at 2800-2900 Centre-Ferris Road , as well as at 100 Armstrong at Centre-Ferris Road .

Of Note - Thankfully a neighbor also cut a big chunk as well across from his house in the 2900 block .

We have been along cutting along the side walk from East Brookland - North Woodward Ave or 2400-2800 Centre Ferris Road .

Also Of Note - Del Dot cut the grass along Route 141 this week .

Del Dot only cuts grass in these types of areas approximately six times a season .

Also of note - Thank You to who ever cut the grass along the base of the wall in the 2800 block of Centre Ferris Road .