ParkCleanUp Went Great .... Thanks All

The ParkCleanUp Went Great & we wanted to thank every one that came out to help .... 

Especially Dave Iliff for organizing a wonderful ParkCleanUp  .. great job Dave 

There were over thirty volunteers a fun time was had by all & best of all the park looks great 

the 303 Bump on Brookland Ave


Graffiti test cleaning ..


Ron Landry did a test cleaning of a graffiti sign ... see above 

Looks like we have a very encouraging graffiti clean up option for street signs in Brookland Terrace ....  & only took Ron about five minutes 


Minutes from 16th April

Meeting - April 16, 2008 was called to order at 7 p.m..

Attending -  3 officers and 11 home owners.

Block Watch was discussed and voted on to go ahead and start the process of setting up one.

Graffiti Watch was discussed and voted on to go ahead and continue to get supplies to plant and clean up signs in area.

Park Cleanup on April 26 was discussed. We need to pickup trash tapes and caution tape.  At the end of meeting at least 11 people had signed up to be at park at 9am.

Block Captains -  we are going to look into getting a current list of them made up.

Community Yard Sale - was discussed and a date in september 2008 will be picked at May 14 meeting.

Board of Directors - was discussed we need to look up to see who are listed and have a new elections of directors.

Department of Transportation - it was requested that we try to get someone from Del Dot to come to meeting to discuss the construction on 141 on how it is going to affect our community for the coming months.

Marbrook Elementary School - we voted to set up our next year meetings with the school in advance and voted to meet Sept - Nov - Jan - Mar - May an meet the second wednesday of those months.

Donations & Dues - the group voted in favor of sending the Civic League a Renewal fee of $25.00 and $100.00 donation to the Cranston Heights Firehouse.

Park Department - Paul Johnson is our contact person - phone # 395-5786

Finance Report - 134 residents who have paid their yearly dues bringing the total collected so far this year is $2420.00.

Meeting was adjourned at 7.55pm.



Brookland Terrace Civic Club Newsletter April 8, 2008

Next Meeting Wednesday 7 p.m. April 16,
Marbrook Elementary School
2101 Centerville Road

On the agenda Graffiti Watch , ParkCleanUp
& Block Watch

Volunteers Needed!
Woodland Run Park/Little Mill Creek Cleanup
Saturday April 26, 9:00AM

Please give a little of your time to help keep our parkland beautiful! We must increase our awareness and keep it from being destroyed and defaced by thoughtless individuals. It is a beautiful place for all to enjoy! Woodland Run Park is a natural environment and home to deer, fox, racoons, squirrels and many beautiful bird species.

Please help maintain awareness and put a stop to those that litter and deface this beautiful place.
Let’s keep it beautiful and safe for our families!
Volunteers will meet by the ball field between 8:45 and 9:00 the morning of the 26th.
Trash bags, gloves and poker sticks will be provided. Please call 302 994-5696 for
sign ups and any questions.

This is a small, but important part of the change and co-operation we need in our country! We hope to see you there!


Since January 2008, 126 homes have paid their $10.00 annual dues.

Civic club dues pay for snow removal, park clean-up and activities such as the annual community yard sale. We would also like more participation from young families to organise and run activities for children such as a Halloween Party and Christmas party.

We would like to also welcome the new residents who have moved to Brookland Terrace This is a Second Request for residents who have not sent in their dues. Also if you are renters, please forward this notice to the owners or property managers if you don’t have an agreement to pay this charge in your lease. Alternatively, you can put their address in the attached envelope and we will contact them directly.

Please make checks payable to the Brookland Terrace Civic Club and send them in the attached envelope to: BTCC 2905 Centre Road Wilmington De 19805-1130

President - Charles C Stirk Jr 302.463.2239 ccstirkjr@gmail.com
Vice President-Matt Novak
Treasurer - Joyce Grymes
Secretary - William Wheatley

http://brooklandterracecivicclub.blogspot.com brooklandterrace@gmail.com