missing orange fluffy cat found it's home

update : missing orange fluffy cat found it's home

An orange fluffy cat with a bell collar is at our house wanting it's owner to contact us so it can get home safely. Please call if you are missing this cat.

Glen Fuller @ 998-1667.



Brookland Terrace Civic Club



- President-Charles C Stirk Jr 302.463.2239 ccstirkjr@gmail.com
- Vice President-Glen Fuller
- Secretary William Wheatley 302.999.9524 williamwheatley@aol.com
- Treasurer Joyce Grymes


Whisperings have been heard that Santa Claus .....

Whisperings have been heard that Santa Claus, will be touring Brookland Terrace. escorted by the Cranston Heights Fire Company on the 15th of December 5 - 8:30 pm .....


winter news letter

Construction Advisory Group Route 141 – Kirkwood Highway to Faulkland Road

Construction Advisory Group
Route 141 – Kirkwood Highway to Faulkland Road

MEETING MINUTES – November 10, 2008

Date: November 10, 2008
Time: 5:00 PM
Location: DuPont Chestnut Run Plaza, Bldg. 700
Wilmington, Delaware 19805


Mr. Larry Mitchell – State Representative
Mr. Joseph Reda – New Castle County Councilman
Mr. Bill Osborne – TMA
Mr. Robert Bristow – DuPont Co.
Mr. Michael Alfree – DSYF/DMSS
Mr. Pete Hayward – Resident
Mr. Mike MacDowell – Woodland Heights
Mr. Charles Stirk – Brookland Terrace
Ms. Phyllis Berggnun – Willow Run
Mr. Bernie Berggnun – Willow Run
Ms. Theresa Riddleberger – Willow Run
Mrs. Edie Realey – Willow Run
Mr. Tom Brooks – DelDOT
Mr. Harry Cooper – DelDOT
Mr. Mark Buckalew – DelDOT
Ms. Misty Seemans – DelDOT

Misty Seemans called the meeting to order at 5:04 p.m. She told those present that Ms. Sullivan’s fence has been installed.

Tom Brooks discussed business regarding design:
1. Working on revision plans for a wall on the northbound side of Route 141.
2. Has decided to move forward with a wrought iron fence with landscaping along Field Road.
3. Working on revision plans for a retaining wall.

General discussion ensued:
· A resident discussed congestion problems between moving vehicles and parked vehicles on West Gilpin Drive. Tom said the situation is temporary. Two lanes of traffic have been shifted to the westbound side of West Gilpin Drive while the eastbound side is being worked on. Traffic will be shifted to the eastbound direction when the westbound side is worked on. Eventually, eastbound and westbound traffic will be divided by a median.
· Councilman Joseph Reda commented that if the shoulders are too wide, vehicles will continue to park on the road, creating similar congestion problems in the future.
· A resident asked what the open, empty space at the most western part of West Gilpin Drive is. Tom explained that area would be where vehicles will turn left to get to Montgomery Road.
· A resident asked that with hundreds of residents living in Willow Run and the queue at the Montgomery Extension traffic signal to turn on to Route 141, will there be a stop sign at the intersection of Montgomery Road and Montgomery Extension? Tom said that Montgomery Road would be one way south of the Extension.
· A resident asked about the volume of residents versus the amount of exits out of Willow Run. Tom said the entrances and exits into Willow Run on Faulkland Road would be sufficient to handle traffic. A resident commented that the traffic signal at Faulkland Road and Route 141 is timed better for vehicles to turn on to Route 141 than the signal at Montgomery Extension and Route 141.
· A resident asked if the traffic signal on southbound Route 141 to Montgomery Extension would have a left arrow signal. Tom said yes.
· Councilman Reda asked about plans for a four-way crosswalk at Route 141 and Faulkand Road. Tom said the timing of the pedestrian crosswalk would not override traffic flow. In other words, when a pedestrian pushes the crosswalk button to cross Route 141 or Faulkland Road, she or he will still have to wait for the traffic signal to turn red and then the crosswalk signal will be activated. General discussion ensued about the safety of pedestrians. Harry Cooper explained that pedestrians will be able to cross the roads but will have to wait for the traffic signal before she or he can cross.
· Councilman Reda asked if the effects of proposed development in the vicinity has been taken into account regarding the project.
· A resident asked about left turns into the Chestnut Run Shopping Center from Faulkland Road. Tom explained that there would be traffic signals (and two entrances) into the shopping center, like now. There will be a left turn lane. Tom said the northern entrance on Faulkand Road would be the main entrance and exit. Vehicles will be able to turn left out of the center on to westbound Faulkland Road. The southern entrance of the shopping center on Faulkland Road will not allow left turns out of the center; only right turns.
· A resident asked what the open space north of West Gilpin Drive, along Route 141, is. Mark Buckalew explained that the space is the future northbound Route 141 lanes.

Mark updated the group on the project’s progress during construction:
· The project is slightly behind schedule but will be able to make up some time in winter.
· The following work is being done:
1. The bridge deck and parapet on Bridge 1-143 that is over Little Mill Creek.
2. Mark asked the community for its assistance regarding the retaining wall along the ramp from Route 2/Kirkwood Highway. The wall will be painted to look like stone and covered with an anti-graffiti covering. But, the graffiti would have to be power washed off within two weeks of contact. Mark asked the community to keep an eye on the wall and report when it has been tagged. The police’s graffiti hotline is (302) 571-7332, in New Castle County. The other option is for a member of the community to power wash it him or herself.

General discussion ensued:
· A resident asked about landscaping along a proposed fence on Field Road. Harry said trees would be planted along the fence.
· A resident asked about whether the public would be able to contribute input on landscaping in the median. Tom said the design is a year out but the public will be asked for input.

Mark continued to update the group on the project’s progress during construction:
· The following work is being done:
1. Bridge I-600, which is over the Kirkwood Highway, is almost complete. There are some add-ons to the bridge expansion dams that will need to be replaced before the bridge is complete.
2. Paving the future northbound Route 141 travel lanes.
3. Montgomery Road is complete and partially open to traffic. Work is focused on completing the Gilpin Road portion so that two-way traffic will not affect the parking area in front of the strip mall on Montgomery Road.
4. The ramp from Route 2/Kirkwood Highway onto northbound Route 141 will remain closed until the ramp reconstruction is complete. The ramp will re-open in February 2009.
5. Work has started on the approach slabs of Bridge 604, which is over the southbound ramp from westbound Kirkwood Highway to Route 141. This will not have much impact on the community.

General discussion ensued:
· Michael Alfree of DSYF/DMSS asked if and when DelDOT would create a pathway so employees could cross from Ferris to Faulkland Road, which is now blocked by a dirt mound. Harry said utility work was responsible for creating the mound and laying the loose stone instead of hot mix. Mr. Alfree asked if DelDOT could improve the walkway. Mark said drainage is an issue but would look into a possible solution.
· Mr. Alfree said DelDOT needs to remove some damaged shrubs at the Faulkand Road entrance to Ferris. Mark said it would be taken care of.
· A resident asked about the upcoming traffic shift. Mark said details would be forthcoming at the next meeting. The resident asked if four lanes would be maintained. Mark said yes.
· A businessperson asked about the installation of sidewalks in the Route 141 and Faulkland Road intersection area. Mark said a portion south on Faulkand Road would occur within the month. The area north would be done in late December.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:29 p.m. with the next meeting scheduled for Monday, January 12, 2008 at 5 p.m.


Monday, Jan. 12th - 5:00PM

DuPont Chestnut Run Plaza
Building 700
Directions: Use Route 141 entrance, north of the Faulkland Road intersection
Travel on South Mall Road
Left on Third Street
At stop sign, left on North Mall Road
Parking is available on all four sides of Building 700
The main entrance faces North Mall Road


Holiday Diner RSVPs Needed

Brookland Terrace Civic Club 2008 Holiday Dinner

6:30PM 8th of December

Location: Community Fellowship Church 200 Armstrong Ave

The Civic Club will provide Turkey & Ham ........

We are asking families to please bring a covered dish

If any one needs assistance transportation in attending please let us know ..

RSVP Heather Wiktorowicz 994-2448 Or Heather Stirk 633-0195

We are also asking for volunteers to pass out flyers in the next week ....


Crime-tip texting is first in Del.

Crime-tip texting is first in Del.
NCCo system lets witnesses stay anonymous ...

Looking for help from witnesses who would rather text than talk, the department is the first in Delaware to offer a tip line for citizens to report crime by sending anonymous messages on their cell phones.

To text anonymous crime tips to New Castle County police, send to CRIMES (274637). Begin text with TIPS702, then type a message. You will receive a response from police with the option of continuing the communication. Standard rates apply.


Graffiti Watch Fall Paint Nov 8

Graffiti Watch , Fall Paint Today was pushed due to the rain ...

If any neighbors wish to volunteer please contact William or Charles



3 Nov 2008 Meeting Notes

Monday 3 November 2008 Meeting Notes

Attendance - 4 officers
20 Households
1 Councilman - Timothy P. Sheldon 302-395-8349 tpsheldon@nccde.org
1 911 Rep - Dennis M. Quinn 302-395-8212 dmquinn@nccde.org
1 County Officer - Al. Rob Joseph 302-395-8171 lrjoseph@nccde.org

Meeting called to order at 7 p.m. Pledge to Flag

2008 Holiday Dinner 8 of DEC - was discussed and approved by all attending.

Graffiti Watch Fall Paint over was discussed and se up for Nov 8
New Marking in park was reported.
Swing Set has be repaired in park.

Missing or Trapped Pets
Calls where made to major pet organisations, some had replied.

Current Dues
At time of Meeting 88 houses had paid as of today 11-6-08 100 have paid.

4 Way Stops Signs:
requested for Ohio and R. I.
Brookland and Armstrong
Armstrong and Maryland
additional stop sign was requested for Hillside and Maine

Music in the Park - During the Summer Months
Was approved by all in attendance - Tim Sheldon said all he asked was that we let
his office know in advance so he could have someone at the park, but he thought it was a
great idea. All kinds of music was approved by all in attendance. We also asked that any
one knowing of a group or person who played music to have them contact us if they might
be interested in playing.

Snow Plowing
We are going after bids for snow plowing. Robert Andrews will be contacted to see what
his pricing is for the new year.

Treasurers Report was given by Joyce Grymes.

First Guest County Councilman - Timothy Shelton - will be ours for the next four years.
Working on Taxes (to keep them down) new Sewer, and workforce housing
Explained the new violation rules - warning letter , first visit $50.00 fine, after the first day follow up $50.00 is not taken care of and $50.00 a day till fixed.
Has gotten us radar cars is development to check speeding. He told us about the radar cars and was not happy when one of our neighbors told everyone
where they had been sitting.

Second Guest - Dennis M. Quinn - 911
Their records show in the last 7 months only 2 calls in ref. to drugs

Discussed cars called in - a suspense cars get top propriety.

When calling in need to get type of car, tag number, color of car, description of per
driving car or truck.

When you call in write down date, time, get persons name you talked to then forward to
brooklandterrace@gmail.com , Charles C. Stirk Jr. 463.2239 or William Wheatley 999-9524

Third Guest - L. Rob Joseph - Sergeant

They also advised us that yes there is some drug trafficking going on in our development and
took information from several other neighbors about places they felt it was going on to watch.

He is going to try to get some of the other officers who are on duty to ride guest development
when they can just to show more of a police awareness.