Woodland Park Play Ground Proposal

20 September 2016

Good morning,

                               Our contractor will begin the new playground installation this morning. We should complete the project by the end of the week. I still have the following items remaining that will also be completed in the coming weeks:


1.       Removal of the old playground equipment

2.       Upgrade  the walking path from Woodland over to Brookland Terrace. This will also include a connector to the new playground to make it easier for parents with strollers.

3.       Continue to trim trees and remove brush throughout the park to improve overall visibility.


Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns…Thanks


Paul H. Johnson, Sr.

Property Manager

New Castle County

Department of Special Services

(302) 395-5720

 The new playground is going where the ball field is and all the backstop and fencing will be removed

& all existing park equipment will be removed .


Gas leak reported to DPL - 100block of North Woodward

Suspected Gas leak reported to DPL - 100 block of North Woodward .

Updated: No leek  DPT guy thought we may have something dead in the gutter