Red Clay Schools CLOSED Friday 26 Feburary 2010

Marbrook Elementary School


COMMENTS: All schools are closed; Offices will open two hours late.


Snow plowing

Looks pretty good ...

Though top of North Woodward was skipped call is out to Tim .


All schools are closed for the remainder of the week..will reopen on Tues

The following school has issued information:

DATE: 2/11/2010

Marbrook Elementary School "CLOSED"

COMMENTS: All schools are closed for the remainder of the week.

School Hopefully will reopen on Tues., Feb. 16.

12-month employees should check their e-mail daily for
on offices.

Thank you!

Feb 10, 2010 12:02:55 PM


Red Clay Schools will be closed Wed., Feb. 10

The following school has issued information:

DATE: 2/10/2010

Marbrook Elementary School

yet Again

COMMENTS: All schools and offices will be closed Wed., Feb. 10, 2010.

"Snow Day Fun"
Click here for Student Snow Day Resources


The NWS has issued a Winter Storm Watch for Tuesday Afternoon into Wed. afternoon for another significant snowfall. NWS Snowfall forecast map link below:
(Currently showing 16+” for our area)

The system approaching from the west will combine with another storm and travel across southern PA and southern NJ. Delaware is forecasted to receive 6-12 inches. NCC is going to be in the higher areas of that forecast. This should be an all snow event for NCC and we are just south of the center of this storm, which has the potential to bring 12-20 inches.

**Several IMPORTANT things to remember**

Remember to clear snow away from appliance vents located outside your residence. This will help ensure the proper operation of heaters, water heaters, natural gas fireplaces, clothes dryers and gas and electric meters.
Snow accumulation could potentially hamper the proper and safe operation of direct-vent appliances that expel products of combustion (such as carbon monoxide) to the outdoors. Many modern homes have high-efficiency heaters and water heaters with exterior vents placed only 12 inches above the ground. All vented appliances require an uninterrupted supply of fresh air and a clear exhaust path in order to work properly and safely. Blowing and drifting snow can block the intake and exhaust vents, forcing appliances to automatically shut down and possibly causing serious damage.

Most appliances have automatic shut-offs that may indicate a problem with the venting system. If you are experiencing problems with direct-vent equipment or appliances, check to be sure exhaust vents are clear.

It is important to clear the snow from around the fire hydrants and make a path from the street to the hydrant. Clear the snow all the way to the ground so that there is room to turn the wrench when removing the cap. The time that this would save the responders is crucial. A little extra effort on everyone's part could be the difference in saving lives and property

Stephanie Rizzo
Legislative Aide to Councilman Sheldon
800 N. French Street
Wilmington, DE 19801


Red Clay Schools CLOSED Tuesday 2/9/2010

The following school has issued information:

DATE: 2/9/2010

Marbrook Elementary School

" CLOSED Tuesday "

COMMENTS: Due to unsafe road conditions, all schools will be closed
Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2010; 12-month employees are to report at regular times.

Thank you!

Feb 8, 2010 2:34:10 PM


School Action Notification : All Red Clay Schools Closed

Hello Civic Club Brookland Terrace;

The following school has issued information:

2/8/2010 Marbrook Elementary School.


COMMENTS: All Red Clay Schools Closed;

12-month employees to report two hours late.

Thank you!

Snow Plowing

Wow that was a lot of snow ..

Snow Plowing seemed to go ok ..

Though East Brookland Ave. was missed & call is out to Tim the snow plow guy.

Update : At 2:37 PM Sunday Tim was at East Brookland Ave plowing .

If there are any issues please give a call,

463-2239 or an email brooklandterrace@gmail.com


Weather Statement - February 6, 2010 - UPDATE

Winter Storm Warning was cancelled at 4 pm this afternoon. Total snow accumulations estimated by NWS are available at http://www.erh.noaa.gov/phi/StormTotalSnow/. Certified amounts will not be available until early this week. A determination of snow emergency declaration will be assessed by DEMA, FEMA and the EMA's and information will be disseminated appropriately.

The State of Emergency REMAINS in Effect until further notice. The declaration has been modified to allow for commercial traffic and those that need to travel to shelters due to power outages. Only Essential Services personnel are permitted to travel, all others are urged to restrict travel.

Coastal Flood Advisory is still in effect for High tide early Sunday AM, minor flooding is expected. NCC does not usually receive an impact from this level.

Transportation System Status provided by DELDOT as of 2100:
North District (I95 and North):
Operations: Plowing & salting primary, secondary, bridges, toll plaza & bus routes.
Road Conditions: primaries are wet, secondary & minor roadways are snow covered
Roadway: 24.8 air; 19.4 surface; 36.5 sub
Structure: 24 air, 19.2 surface
Planned Rest Period – ½ crew break later this evening, cycle second ½ crew later.
Contractor Operations to being at midnight 2/6/10

Canal District (south of I95 and Kent County):
Operations: Plowing / Salting primary, bus routes & bridges.
Road Conditions: Primaries are wet & snow covered, secondary & minor roadways snow covered with 25” estimated.
Roadway: 25.3 air; 19.4 surface; 36.3 sub
Structure: 19.2 air, 22.4 surface
Planned Rest Period – 2400 to 0400; skeleton crews will respond as needed
Contractor Operations began at 1400

Crews are making good progress.

EOC Remains operational until 1800 Sunday as of the current operational plan.
DNG Assets are still active, replenished from earlier shift of two Large Transports to Kent/Sussex, and deployed to FD's per original plan, with two exceptions, wrecker is deployed to Odessa FD Sta. 4 and only on Large Transport is deployed at Odessa Sta. 4. FD's have been housing deployed assets, EMS resources and LE resources at their stations for ease of deployment and response.

Ongoing missions have been handled for Dialysis transport today, a few essential personnel relays, and emergency call assistance and stranded motorist assistance.

Dialysis Missions remain an expected tasking for Sunday given DART service being suspended.

Staffing for Communications, EMS and PD remain stable and augmented into Sunday afternoon, as call volume remains cyclical with spikes. Staffing for Special Services Dispatch is 24/7 til midnight Sunday and will be operational on Monday. Maintenance crews are in a rest state. A sewer crew remains in overnight tonight. Const. Support and Fleet crews will begin again Sunday at 7 am for a full day Sunday and Monday to finish all facilities.

NCC Office of Emergency Management 395-2700