Lost Dog

FAT – black with gray pit bull, approx. 6-8 years old, pink collar, very friendly.

He followed the little girl home. He is now at 603 Armstrong Ave. contact Loren 275-7508


Common Interest Ownership Act for Maintenance Corporations

This is a special invitation for you and/or one of your representatives to attend the next Civic League for New Castle County meeting at 7:00 pm on January 19th.

... for a special presentation by former Senator Steve Amick on his Maintenance Corporation legislation which became effective September 30, 2009

Steve will explain the impact of the Act on the operation and responsibilities of the Maintenance Corporations and answer your questions.

We encourage you to visit our website www.CivicLeagueforNCC.org for further information and directions to the easy to reach meeting site:

3601 DuPont Hwy(Route 13) - with its well lighted and assuredly safe parking lot serving the Paul Sweeney Public Safety Building.

Also on the agenda will be a brief Q & A about Reimbursement for Snow Removal.

A warm welcome awaits you.

Dan Bockover

President of the Civic League for New Castle County


NCCo Council honors constituents for their service

Council District 9 - Councilman Timothy Sheldon (D-Pike Creek):
Brookland Terrace Civic Club

When Charles Stirk and William Wheatley took over as officers in the Brookland Terrace Civic Club, community participation began to increase almost immediately, Sheldon said. Attendance at civic meetings was up, a block-watch program was launched and more and more homes began paying their annual dues. They also began cleaning up graffiti in their neighborhood, an effort which has grown to include other neighborhoods and involve juveniles sentenced to community service for vandalism and other property crimes.

Council District 2 - Councilman Robert Weiner (R-Chatham):
Anti-Graffiti Brigade Captains

While many spend their weekends on the couch watching football, a team of volunteers that stretches across the county can be found outside armed with paint and brushes, trying to eradicate unwanted graffiti from the county’s fences and bridges. Captains include: Robert Cameron, Phil Lavelle, R.J. Miles, Isaac Walker, Tom Barbas, Michael Fleming, Charles Stirk, William Wheatley and Mike Ansul.

Route 141 – Kirkwood Highway to Faulkland Road Construction Advisory Group MEETING MINUTES – Dec 7, 2009

NEXT MEETING: Monday, March 8th - 5:00PM

Date: December 7, 2009
Time: 5:00 PM
Location:DuPont Chestnut Run Plaza, Bldg. 700 Wilmington, Delaware 19805

Mr. Al Conner – Berca
Mr. Charles Stirk – Brookland Terrace
Mr. Michael Stanek – Roselle
Mr. Louis DiLeonard – Willow Run
Ms. Phyllis Berggnun – Willow Run
Ms. Theresa Riddleberger – Willow Run
Mrs. Edie Realey – Willow Run X
Mr. Einfield Lane – Montgomery Rd.
Judy Lane – Willow Run
Mr. Tom Brooks - DelDOT
Mr. Harry Cooper – DelDOT
Mr. Mark Buckalew – DelDOT
Mr. Robert King – DelDOT

Bob King called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. with no opening announcements

Mark Buckalew updated the group on the project’s progress during construction:
The status of our schedule will be decided if we are able to switch traffic along SR 141 into Phase 4 (splitting traffic on each side of the median). We should know more within the next 2 weeks.
Current work includes:
Completing the parapet walls and sidewalk on Bridge 1-143.
Reconstructing and paving for the proposed SB SR 141 travel lanes.
The re-opening of Lowry Road prior to Christmas.
Relocating the Artesian Water main along Ferris Rd. and Faulkland Rd.
A temporary trench was excavated along NB SR 141 to help prevent the
water from ponding along the right travel lane North of Bridge 1-143 during
a rain event.

General discussion ensued:
A resident asked how far onto Ferris/Center Road will the project go.
Answer: Just south of Woodward Avenue
A resident asked if the construction would stop during the winter months and restart in the spring.
Answer: Construction will continue throughout the winter. The only work that will be deferred until spring would be the paving which requires warmer weather.
A resident pointed out that there is some confusion that Ferris Road and Center Road signing are both on the same street.
Answer: the Project Manager will look into it, however the naming of streets is not a DelDOT or State function.
A resident asked about the temporary Stop sign onto Willow Run which was removed, traffic is now not stopping and inquired if the sign could be reinstalled, or paint “Sop” onto the road.
Answer: Project Manager will inquire with Traffic Studies if sign can be reinstalled. There cannot be a painted “Stop” onto the road without a posted sign.
A resident pointed out that coming out of Willow Run onto Faulkland equipment is blocking view of the road.
Answer: Project Manager will look into this matter.
A resident pointed out that there is graffiti along the wall.
Answer: During the final phase of the project the last thing to be done will be the painting of the wall with stone-color paint and anti-graffiti coating. At this point responsibility of the wall will be turned over to the local civic organization.
A resident inquired as to when will the fence be installed along Willow Run.
Answer: The posts were installed today and the railing tomorrow.
A resident asked if the bike path will be paved once the new fence is installed along Willow Run.
Answer: The path will probably be paved.
A resident inquired if October 2010 is still the scheduled completion date.
Answer: Yes.
A resident asked if the speed-limit would remain at 35mph.
Answer: Yes – and will then become a matter of enforcement.
A question from the group asked if there will be any regarding along Beech and Elm Avenues..
Answer: Yes- there will be a berm.

Following these questions, the meeting ended at about 5:40 p.m.


Monday, March 8th - 5:00PM

DuPont Chestnut Run Plaza Building 700Cafeteria
Directions: Use Route 141 entrance, north of the Faulkland Road intersection
Travel on South Mall Road
Left on Third Street
At stop sign, left on North Mall Road
Parking is available on all four sides of Building 700
The main entrance faces North Mall Road

Construction Advisory Group
Route 141 – Kirkwood Highway to Faulkland Road
MEETING MINUTES – December 7, 2009

CIVIC LEAGUE FOR NEW CASTLE COUNTY Tuesday January 19, 2010 at 7:00 PM

TO: Board of Directors
FROM: Dan Bockover, President
TIME: 7:00 P.M. Promptly
PLACE: Public Safety Building
ADDRESS: 3601 N. duPont Hwy (Route 13 South of DMV)



Guest Speaker: Former Senator Steven H. Amick, Esq., of
the Law Firm of Conaty, Curran, and Sisk in Newark

Maintenance Corporations throughout Delaware have experienced problems such as officers moving away and taking the corporate records with them, treasurers who did not do their job adequately, and members selling their homes without paying their required fees.

Senator Amick responded to the situation by introducing a bill which was finally passed in June of 2008. It is now in effect and all maintenance corporations and real estate agents need to understand it. Steve has kindly consented to speak to us on the subject and answer all your questions. He is a former President of the Civic League for NCC, so we are looking forward to seeing him again.


January 19, 2010
at 7:00 PM

Public Safety Building
3601 N. duPont Hwy (Route 13)
New Castle, DE