BTCC Meeting Tues 2 Oct 7PM

BTCC Meeting Tuesday 2nd of October
Marbrook Elementary School - 2101 Centerville Road

 Halloween Party 
 Saturday October 20th Noon 
508 Armstrong Ave  Rain or Shine
For more info or to help please call 994-1642


-New Marbrook No Parking Signage

-New Four way Stop at Ohio & Rhode Island

-Woodrow & Terrace sign in the works to be fixed 

-Brush & Limbs obscuring signs & intersections

Should we will be asking Del-DOT forestry to trim issue areas ?

 If you would like to do it yourself  please let us know. 

NCC Woodland Run Park 

-Toy Motorcycle Fixed By NCC Parks
-Creek banks trimmed

-Disorderly Premises Issues & Updates 

-New no trailers on street law explained 


We will have update at the meeting from Officer Reynolds 
of the New Castle County Police Community Services Unit

If You See Suspicious Activity Call 911

Come to the meeting to find out more & avoid being the next victim of a crime . 

  Brookland Terrace Civic Club

    302.463.2239 brooklandterrace@gmail.com

CLNCC's New Castle County Candidates Forum Set For 7PM Oct. 17th At Prices Corner

The Civic League for New Castle County is hosting a County Candidate Night 

New Castle County Candidates Forum Set For 7PM Oct. 17th At Cranston Heights Fire Hall

7 - 9 PM  Wednesday, October 17th at the

Cranston Heights Fire Hall 3306 Kirkwood Highway near  Prices Corner 

Moderator: Allan Loudell WDEL  Radio

We'll  be taking questions from the audience so come prepared!

First Panel (7 - 7:45 PM)
New Castle County Council Candidates

Tim Sheldon Councilman District 9 Democrat


Scott Sauer-  Republican Candidate Council District 9 Candidate

Chris  Bullock  - Democratic Candidate Council President Nominee

Mike Protack - Republican Candidate Council President Nominee

Break (7:45 - 8:15 PM)
Senate-Level Candidates' introductory remarks

Second Panel (8:15 - 9 PM)
New Castle County Executive Candidates

Tom Gordon - Candidate Democratic County Executive Nominee

Mark Blake - Republican Candidate County Executive Nominee

Map Portion 600 Hillside Ave. NCC eParcel View

There were some questions about where the NCC park starts.

Here is a copy of the NCC eParcel View map & a link.  

Another Map


Downed - TO 2 ↑- Sign Reported to Del-DOT , Route 2 Sign At N. Woodward at Centre Ferris Road /141

Sign was reported to Del-Dot Traffic Maintenance Control New Castle County
(302) 659-2400    TMC1@state.de.us

 In less then 24 Hours on a Sunday Bud Freel the Del-DOT New Castle County Liaison followed up as well .

 Sign really got hit good this time easy 50 feet from the corner . 

And how it should look 

We are looking for suggestions & options for improving our 141 corridor as well ..

So Far Del-Dot has improved signage & pavement markings in the area of Route 141 Faulkland to Kirkwood Hwy . As well a posting the radar your speed is temporary trailers .

Delaware State police continues to do speed enforcement on a regular basis issuing quite a lot of citations ..

Any ideas are welcome , radar speed signs & rumble strips have been mentioned by neighbors .

Again Any Ideas Are Welcome !!!!!!!!

Of Note :  Steve Beare & David Iliff have done a great job of following up with many issues in the 141 Faulkland to Kirkwood Hwy area .  Thank You 

Greenbank Road Graffiti Cleaned Up


Next meeting Tues 2 Oct - October Newsletter

Adult Kick Ball Pick Up Game .... Woodland Run park

Kickball every Wednesday at 6:00 & Saturdays at 3:00 .

Free to play or just bring yourself , a small snack and of course water .

All invited 18 & over

More info Dijoun Bartley email dijounbartley@gmail.com

Thanks go out to NCC Parks for getting the diamond ready in time


From Wikipedia 


KICK BALL  or Soccer-Baseball) is a playground game and league game, similar to baseball, invented in the United States in the first half of the 20th Century. Kickball may also be known as kick baseball, base soccer, foot-base, soccer-base, or soccer-baseball. It is similar to baseball where players kick the ball to bat it instead of using bats, making it more accessible to young children. As in baseball, teams alternate innings with one team on the infield attempting to score by having its players circle the bases and the other team it the outfield working to stop runs from being scored. Players in the infield kick an inflated rubber ball in order to advance players around the bases and thus score runs. The team with the most runs after a predefined number of innings (usually nine) wins.
Kickball is a popular playground sport and is typically played among young, school-age children. The lack of both specialized equipment and highly skill-based positions (like pitcher) makes the game an accessible introduction to other sports.

Kickball, originally called "Kick Baseball", was invented around 1917 by Nicholas C Seuss, Supervisor of Cincinnati Park Playgrounds in Cincinnati, Ohio.[1] Around 1920–1921 "Kick Ball" was used by physical education teachers in public schools to teach young boys and girls the basics of baseball. Around this time, the ball that was used was a soccer ball or volleyball. It was played by ten to thirty players and the field included a "Neutral Zone": an area not to be entered until the ball has actually been kicked. There was no pitcher as the ball would be kicked from the home area, which was a 3 ft circle. The ball must pass beyond the 5 foot line. Base-runners could only advance one base on an infield ball. Team
s would switch sides only after all team members have kicked.


Red Clay Parent Advisory Council (RCPAC ) RCPAC Meeting 6PM Baltz Elementary School

Red Clay Parent Advisory Council (RCPAC ) RCPAC Meeting

Red Clay Parent Advisory Council September 24, 2012 6PM Baltz Elementary School

5:45 – 6:00 Light Dinner and Child Care Supervision
6:00 – 6:10  Welcome and Introductions Meeting called to order
6:10 – 7:15  General Session
  • Red Clay Transportation Department (George Middleton
    and Kelly Shahan)

  • Wesley College Parent Educator Certificate Program
  • Review and Acceptance of Minutes
  • Family Resource Fair – 2012 Update
  • Officers for 2012-13 - Nominations
  • Subcommittee Reports
  • Other Items of Concern
    Evaluations and Adjournment


For more information about RCPAC please go to -
RCPAC website - http://www.redclay.k12.de.us/pscgpa/cgpacmeetings.shtml (If the link does not connect – to access the RCPAC webpage
From the district website home page – click the Parents and Students tab

click the Federal Programs link
click the RCPAC link listed under the heading – Parent

Involvement and Engagement click the meeting information link 

Next RCPAC Meeting:October 15, 2012  
Marbrook Elementary School 
2101 Centerville Road, Wilm. DE


Verizon DSL Reported Broken to Slow on Brookland Ave

Verizon DSL has been reported broken to slow on Brookland Ave . 

 Verizon DSL Ping 0.52 ms Download 0.52 Mb/s Upload 0.71 Mb/s

  Verizon DSL Ping 162 ms Download 0.92 Mb/s Upload 0.00 Mb/s

  Verizon DSL Broken Ping 000 ms Download 0.00 Mb/s Upload 0.00 Mb/s

Three Verizon lineman & amp; technicians were out but Verizon DSL is still slow to broken .

Xfinity / Comcast  Internet was much faster today on

 Armstrong AVE  Ping 16 ms Download 32.76 Mb/s Upload 10.47 Mb/s

Hillside Ave Ping 18 ms Download 22.51 Mb/s Upload 4.13 Mb/s

What are your internet experiences like ?

Please test your internet speed at SpeedTest.net 
& post your results & street in the comments .

Community Fellowship Church Armstrong Ave : Brookland Terrace

Thanks go out to all the neighbors that helped ... Especially Rose !!!!! 

Our Legeslators Working For Us ........

Senator Patricia Blevins , Representative Deborah Hudson & Representative Larry Mitchell have really done a great job sorting out the signage issues .


AARP opposes remote power shutoff proposal Delmarva Power wants abilityto use smart meters to do the job

Written by
Aaron Nathans
The News Journal

The Delaware chapter of the AARP is opposing a request by Delmarva Power to scrap a requirement for personal contact with a customer before shutting off that person’s electricity for failure to pay.

Delmarva now must make a reasonable effort to reach a customer in person to inform them that a shutoff is imminent. Under a request to the Public Service Commission, that requirement would be reduced to one phone call.

“We think it’s a bad idea,” said Brian Posey, associate state director with AARP.

There are many Delawareans older than 65 who could have a health condition, and shutting off their power could harm their health and safety, he said. Making contact in person can help get the issue resolved, he said.

Posey said the group would submit its objections in writing to the PSC. Delmarva has been negotiating with PSC staff, who have voiced their own concerns about the one-phone-call proposal.

Delmarva wants the right to disconnect customers remotely, using newly installed smart meters.

The power company wants to replace the personal-contact requirement with a mandate that it make one attempt to reach the resident by telephone before it can disconnect using the remote capabilities of the smart meter.

Delmarva still would need to make a site visit to natural-gas customers prior to a shutoff, according to a PSC staff memo.

The changes would require the proposed rules to be published and to allow for formal public comment before the commissioners will vote, Hartigan said.

Contact Aaron Nathans at 324-2786 or anathans@delawareonline.com.

New Castle County Police Department - Alert Network

 Here is some news from the New Castle County Police Department:
As the result of a joint effort between the New Castle County Division of Police, New Castle County Council and New Castle County Executive Paul G. Clark, a new alert network is now available to the public.

By visiting the police web site, www.nccpd.com , and clicking on the "Tips/Alerts" section, anyone can sign up to receive text and e-mail alerts from the police.  The program is free, easy to use and standard text messaging rates apply.  The system is secure, anonymous and customizable based on where the user resides.  This alert network supplements the division's Reverse 911 program in being able to send information to the community.  It also builds upon the current "Text a Tip" program which allows the public to send anonymous text tips to the police.

This program allows the public to receive notices on their computer, phone or both about important issues impacting their communities.  Notices such as crime alerts, crime prevention tips, police activity and requests for information from the public can be sent from the police to the public.  Colonel W. Scott McLaren states "Our goal is to increase our timely communication with the citizens that we serve.  The more people that sign up - the more valuable this tool becomes."

This Alert network serves as another means for the police to communicate with the public.  County Executive Paul G. Clark states, "I applaud our police department for their proactive approach to preventing and reducing crime and their commitment to engaging with the citizens they serve.   Our officers need to use every available tool to keep residents safe and informed. This Alert Network does both, through communications technology that is popular and easy to use."



September 20, 2012

Stolen Property Viewing
Tomorrow, Friday, September 21st from 6:00 - 8:00 PM at the Public Safety Building, 3601 N. Dupont Highway, New Castle County Detectives will be having a stolen property viewing in light of recent stolen property (jewelry, coins and electronic devices) that has been recovered and most of which has been linked to burglaries in the following communities:

Eastburn Heights
Brookland Terrace
Brookside Park
Marshallton Heights
Stoney Crest
Willow Run

It is encouraged that residents from those areas that have been a victim of a burglary to attend.  The property will be returned to victims who can provide proof of ownership via police reports and receipts.  Any questions can be directed to Detective B. Shahan at (302) 395-8110 or BShahan@nccde.org

Drug Take Back Event
Medicines play an important role in treating health conditions and diseases, but they must be disposed of with care to avoid harming the environment.  Turn in your unused or expired medication for safe disposal on Saturday, September 29, 2012 from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM.  Click HERE for collection sites near you. 

There will be a Household Hazardous Waste and Electronic Goods Collection event on Saturday, October 6 from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM at the Frawley Stadium Parking Lot in Wilmington (801 S. Madison Street).  Please review this FLYER for items that will be accepted.  If you have any questions, please contact the DSWA at 800-404-7080.

Delaware Hospice

This plan is the southwesterly side of Polly Drummond Hill Road and Fox Den Road.  It is proposing to subdivide the existing parcel into two lots.  A 24-bed, 59,978 square foot Hospice facility and associated site improvements will be constructed on this parcel.

The Delaware Hospice plan was tabled at the September 18, 2012 meeting and referred back to the Department of Land Use with questions on the office use.  The plan will most likely be put back on the October 2, 2012 Land Use Committee agenda scheduled for 3:00 PM.  It would then be considered for at the October 9, 2012 Council Meeting at 7:00 PM.  I will keep you updated if anything changes.

I hope you have found this information useful and will share it with your family and friends.  As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office.


New Castle County Councilman Tim Sheldon


Tonights Brookland Terrace Civic Club Meeting Has Been Canceled

Tonights Brookland Terrace Civic Club 
Meeting Has Been Canceled

Due to inclement weather expected tonight all after school 
activities have been canceled in Red Clay School District .

The next Brookland Terrace Civic Club 
meeting will be 
Tuesday the 2nd of October 7PM
At Marbrook Elementary School  2101 Centerville Road  Wilmington, DE 19808

If you have any questions please call 
302-463-2239 or email brooklandterrace@gmail.com

Citizens' Guide to Open Burning

Domestic Open Burning by Homeowners

Open burning activities that are allowed include:
  • Cooking fires such as barbecue grills.
  • Campfires, patio fire pits, or chimenea.
  • Ceremonial bonfires conducted by established groups such as schools, Indian tribes, or other recognized organizations.
  • Burning of small amounts of yard waste/garden debris (less than 27 cubic feet of material in total) such as cut or fallen tree limbs or trimmed shrubbery from a residence. This total represents the size of a fire that can be reasonably extinguished with a garden hose. (NOTE: Such burning is banned during the Ozone Season, and when permitted (Oct. 1-April 30), is allowed only between 8 a.m.-4 p.m.)
Materials illegal to burn at any time, anywhere in Delaware, are:
  • Leaves
  • Grass Clippings
  • Stumps
  • Logs
  • Household garbage/trash
  • Waste lumber
  • Piles of yard waste exceeding 27 cubic feet of material in total 
  • Yard waste not generated by the homeowner’s residence
  • Land-clearing debris

Notifying the County Fire Board

Before conducting an open burning activity (except BBQs, patio fire pits and chimeneas) a homeowner must notify the local County Fire Board.
    • New Castle County 302-571-7331
    • Kent County 302-734-6040
    • Sussex County 302-856-6306

Seasonal Restrictions

There is a restriction against ALL open burning during the Ozone Season (May 1-Sept.  30), with the exception of cooking fires (BBQs), recreational campfires and ceremonial bonfires.

Prohibitions to Open Burning

The burning of waste and/or garbage has been prohibited in Delaware since the first open burning regulations were established in 1967.
The open burning of leaves and grass clippings is prohibited.
Open burning of land clearing debris except as done to develop land for the purpose of establishing agricultural operations.
Open burning is prohibited statewide during the Ozone Season from May 1-Sept. 30 each year.
Open burning is also prohibited on Air Quality Action days when the State’s air quality has been forecast by the Regional Air Quality Partnership (AQP) to be unhealthy. Forecasts are provided on this website and also by calling the Air Quality Partnership Information Line at 1.800.872.7261. Check the forecast daily and take the proper actions to determine if an action day has been forecasted prohibiting open burning activity.
The Delaware State Fire Marshal may also issue a burning ban prohibiting open burning activity in one county or statewide.
The National Weather Service may issue a red flag warning cautioning against open burning activity due to unfavorable weather conditions that may result in dangerous fire conditions. 

When Open Burning Is Criminal

Violators of open burning restrictions will be targeted by DNREC’s Environmental Protection Officers for flouting the burn law. Penalties range from $50-$500, plus a possible criminal record with conviction. To report illegal burning, citizens can call the 24-hour Open Burning Hotline at 1-800-662-8802. Verizon cell phone customers can call toll-free #DNR.
 For more information contact Gerald Mood at 302-739-9402 or Gerald.mood@state.de.us


Motorcycle Toy Returned by NCC Parks Crew Chief Sean Moore

Our New Castle County Parks Crew Chief Sean Moore reattached our motorcycle toy in NCC Woodland Run Park this week .


Damaged Sign Faulkland & Centerville Road Reported to Del-DOT

Update : Del-Dot fixed the sign inside of a week .. 

Damaged Sign at Faulkland & Centerville Road Reported to Del-DOT Traffic Maintenance Control New Castle County

Update : Del Dept of Transportation Traffic Maintenance Control New Castle County referred the signage issue to Tim Weishaupt at Del-DOT on 10 September 2012 .


Crime Alerts : New Castle County Police Department

Receive New Castle County Police Department  Alerts

The New Castle County Police Department has partnered with CitizenObserver.com to bring crime alerts to our citizens.  By signing up with NCCPD and Citizen Observer, you will receive alerts sent to your e-mail, as a short text message to your cell phone, or both.
This timely and efficient process allows us to alert the community of crime trends, descriptions of suspects, missing persons, as will as advice on personal safety, and how to safeguard property in a manner that encourages citizens and the police to work together solving crime.

Civic Club Meeting 18th of September 7PM At Marbrook Elementary School

  Next Brookland Terrace Civic Club Meeting 
Tuesday 18th of September 7PM

At Marbrook Elementary School 2101 Centerville Road  Wilmington, DE 19808  

2012 B.T.C.C. Meeting Dates

- 18th of September at Marbrook
- 13th of November at Marbrook

 Brookland Terrace Civic Club
Incorporated 1940

200 Hillside Ave
Wilmington Delaware 19805
United States of America





- President-Charles C. Stirk Jr     
          302.463.2239 brooklandterrace@gmail.com

- Vice President - Larry Horrocks
302.545.7877 lgha1@aol.com

- Secretary - Pierre De Prisco
302.482.1447 padnr13@yahoo.com

- Treasurer Joyce Grymes

- Serjeant-at-Arms - Charlie Farrall

Board Of Directors

Elsie De Prisco

Debbie Hawke

Heather Wiktorowicz


WILMAPCO Marshallton Circulation Study Public Workshop

  Come and share your ideas! 

Please join the Marshallton Civic Association, DelDOT, New Castle County, and Wilmington Area Planning Council (WILMAPCO) at a Public Workshop for the Marshallton Traffic Circulation Study. 
Share your ideas on redesign of the intersections of Old Capitol Trail and Station and Newport Roads.
Don’t miss the chance to influence Marshallton’s transportation future!

Where: Mill Creek Fire Hall 3900 Kirkwood Highway, Marshallton 

When: Thursday, September 13, 2012 Anytime from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 

For more information: Bill Swiatek 302-737-6205 x113 bswiatek@wilmapco.org 



Burglar Apprehended after Attempting to Flee : Sean Bennett

New Castle County Police Department

Colonel W. Scott McLaren Chief of Police
Corporal John Weglarz Sr. Media Coordinator’s Office
(302) 395-8005 Mobile phone (302) 540-7560

September 2, 2012  
Burglar Apprehended after Attempting to Flee 

New Castle County Police have arrested Sean Bennett, a 22 year old male who resides in the 600 block of Armstrong Avenue in Wilmington, DE. He has been charged with multiple burglaries and related offenses after he broke into a home in the community of Roselle on Friday morning and was later caught by a Deputy State Fire Marshall as he attempted to flee from police. Investigators later discovered that he was responsible for several other burglaries within New Castle County.
(Wilmington, DE) On Friday (08/31) morning at 10:13 a.m., County Police responded to the 2700 block of Orchard Avenue for a reported burglary that just occurred. Police learned that an alert citizen had noticed a suspicious subject, described as a white male approximately 5’10” tall with light brown hair and a thin beard who was wearing black jeans, a gray sleeveless T-shirt and a black baseball cap, walking slowly within the neighborhood and continued as he went into the driveway of a home in the area. A short time later, a house alarm was activated and the subject, later identified as Sean Bennett, was seen running onto Woodward Avenue toward Route 141 and then enters the woodlands of Woodland Park. 

Police immediately set up a perimeter and assisting officers converged on the area. A short time later, Corporal Steven Donahue and his canine partner “Monty” arrived and during a track, Monty was able to locate a gray sleeveless T-shirt in the woods that was consistent with the one the subject was seen wearing. The track continued to the area of Faulkland Heights and during that time, a Deputy State Fire Marshall who was in area, located a subject who matched the suspect description, at the intersection of Allister Drive and Centerville Road. Bennett was then apprehended without further incident and a short time later, was positively identified as the subject who fled from the 41 year old victim’s residence. 

During the investigation, police discovered the rear door and a window of the victim’s residence open and learned no property was taken from the home. Investigators were later able to confirm Bennett’s involvement in the crime and were also able to confirm that he had burglarized four other homes and entered five vehicles within the communities of Brookland Terrace and Woodland Heights last month. Bennett stole an undisclosed amount of cash, electronics, jewelry, and a firearm from those locations. 

Sean Bennett was charged with the following crimes:
  • Attempted Theft
  • Burglary in the Second Degree (Five Counts)
  • Criminal Mischief (Three Counts)
  • Felony Theft (Three Counts)
  • Theft (Two Counts)
  • Theft of a Firearm

    Sean Bennett 
    He was arraigned and committed to the Howard
    Young Correctional Institute after failing to post $40,000 cash bail. 

    County Police would like to remind New Castle County citizens to please lock their cars and homes when not at home and particularly at nighttime.

Suspicious Person Results in Apprehension of Burglar

New Castle County Police Department

Colonel W. Scott McLaren Chief of Police
Corporal John Weglarz Sr. Media Coordinator’s Office
(302) 395-8005 Mobile phone (302) 540-7560

September 2, 2012

Suspicious Person Results in Apprehension of Burglar

New Castle County Police have arrested Tyrone Williams, a 41 year old male who is currently homeless and his last known address was in New Jersey. He has been charged with several counts of burglary and related offenses after he was stopped early yesterday morning and was found to be in possession of property belonging to a victim that recently had their car broken into and another whose home was burglarized.
(Wilmington, DE) On Saturday morning (9/01) at 3:04 a.m., County Police responded to Newport Gap Pike in the vicinity of the Belvedere Fire Company for a reported suspicious person. When officers arrived, they made contact with the subject, later identified as Tyrone Williams, as he was standing across from the fire company. The subject indicated that he was lost and stranded and needed a ride to New Jersey. At that time, the officer offered to take the subject to a local 7-11 convenience store.

Prior to entering the patrol car, the officer found Williams to be in possession of pocket knife, after the subject had advised the officer that he did not have any weapons in his possession. Furthermore, Williams had a credit card, jewelry, and a wallet that contained a driver’s license and several other credit cards belonging to two unknown females.

During the investigation, police contacted one of the victims, a 36 year old female, and learned that she recently had property stolen from her vehicle that was parked in front of her home in the unit block of Lloyd Street in the community of Belvedere. The property removed included two wallets, one of which was located in the pocket of William’s pants and another that he attempted to hide in his pants, as well as the pocket knife.

Subsequently, officers responded to a home of another female victim that was in the community of Woodcrest. When the officers arrived, they discovered an open rear bedroom window and an unsecured side door to the residence. Further investigation revealed the home was unoccupied and partially ransacked. Police learned that a credit card and jewelry that was found in William’s possession was taken from the home.

Tyrone Williams was charged with burglary in the second degree, burglary in the third degree and two counts of theft. He was arraigned and committed to the Howard Young Correctional Institute after failing to post $10,000 cash bail.