N. Harmony Rd Newark - Barley Mill - Old Capitol Trail - Route 41 - Roth Bridge South of the C&D Canal

N. Harmony Rd Newark

After New Castle County Community Services Unit Officer Browning let us know that Officer Snead had heard complaints at a civic meeting about the graffiti & alerted us that the fence was Del Dot property , Senator Karen E. Peterson & Bill Thatcher DelDOT North District also confimed this as well .

We did a first primer coat of the graffiti .

We will follow with another primer coat of the whole fence when we get primer from Del DOT .

Stephanie Rizzo Legislative Aide Councilman Tim Sheldon has all ready volunteered to help

Then we will do a final coat of paint of beige .

We hope to partner with surrounding communities to do a final paint on approximately November 14 or 15 as well as find some one to do graffiti cover up if necessary

Newkirk Estates has a meeting on November 10 we hope to go to .

Over the past year none of our test paint overs along Harmony , Red Mill , Ogletown Road & 273 have not been re tagged by graffiti vandals .

Of Note : Graffiti Crew PT or Public Terrorist that did the large piece will be the same group of guys helping to painting the fence , READ as well will be there painting over

Lorewood Grove Rd & Chesapeake & Delaware Canal Bridge / Senator William V. Roth, Jr Bridge South of the C&D Canal

All new Graffiti

Of Note: BR stands for Big Rock .

Route 71 at Route 1

New Graffiti at Pike Creek & Upper Pike Creek Rd irritatingly this bridge keeps getting tagged monthly .

Harrison Ave Old Capitol Trail

Route 41 & Old Lancaster Pike

5225 Old Capitol Trail Marshallton
Old Capitol Trail & Telegraph Rd

Older Graffiti 2100 Barley Mill Rd test of the cold galvanization product

1690 Ashland Clinton School Rd


Brookland Terrace Civic Club Meeting Monday 7 PM at Marbrook

This is just a quick reminder that there is a Brookland Terrace Civic Club Meeting November 2

Monday 7 PM at Marbrook


Halloween Parade Sunday 2 PM 600 Ohio Ave

Halloween Parade will be on Sunday the 25 of October.

As the weatherman says lots of rain, lightning and thunder for today .


For up to date info call .. Sharon - 225-0289 SC619@verizon.net

Brookland Terrace Civic Club
Incorporated 1940

2905 Ferris-Centre Road
Wilmington Delaware 19805
United States of America




- President-Charles C. Stirk Jr
302.463.2239 ccstirkjr@gmail.com

- Vice President-Phil Weir

- Secretary William Wheatley
302.996.9503 williamwheatley@aol.com

- Treasurer Joyce Grymes


Graffiti Suspects Caught Shoplifting Spray Paint

Joseph Pawley

Keanan Connell
Vandals accused of stealing paint
'Taggers' nabbed by Walmart security with spray cans in pants, police say
Two 19-year-old graffiti vandals were arrested Tuesday night after they were caught stuffing cans of spray paint down their pants at an Elsmere area store, state police said.

Keanan L. Connell, of the 2000 block of Franklin Ave., Marshallton, and Joseph T. Pawley, of the 700 block of Dorcaster Drive in the Sherwood Park community, each was charged with shoplifting, possession of graffiti implements and conspiracy.
Connell, a convicted high-profile tagger known as "SUD," "SKUM" and "ESQUAT," and Pawley, who tags under the names "BANG" and "ROSKO," were in the Walmart at 1251 Centerville Road about 7:40 p.m. Tuesday when they were spotted in the paint department by store security.

The paint they were taking was priced at $26.59, Senior Cpl. Jeff Whitmarsh said.

When they tried to leave without paying, they were stopped at the main entrance and taken to the security office, where police were called.

Troopers found 39 cans of spray paint, five paint pens and several illegible drawings in Pawley's green 1994 Honda Civic that was in the parking lot, police said in court records.

Pawley told troopers "he was shoplifting the spray paint because he enjoys paint and he spray paints graffiti," according to court records.

He was arrested in July by Newark police for tagging on the base of the Apple Road Bridge.

To reach that location, Pawley had to stand along the CSX railroad tracks because the area is surrounded by trees with no other access, police said.

Connell was arrested in June in connection with graffiti vandalism on bridges and highway barriers across New Castle County and for his April scrawlings in the Hockessin and Yorklyn areas.

Connell told the trooper that "he is still spray painting 'ESQUAT' and 'SKUM' " in Philadelphia, police said in court records.

As a teen, Connell caused thousands of dollars in damage to overhead electronic message boards on I-95 south of Del. 141 near New Castle and on I-95 near Del. 72 near Newark.

Both were released on $1,100 unsecured bail on the shoplifting charge, pending a Dec. 4 court hearing.


Hercules Road


Mike Flemming , Jesse Yarrusso , Charles Stirk & 4 CS workers Painted BR1-243 on Old Kennet Pike North of Owls Nest Road just south of Ashland Clinton School Rd


Household and Hazardous Waste Event - Milltown Square

Household and Hazardous Waste Event will be held on November 7th at Frawley Stadium. They will be accepting hazardous waste, shredding documents, and recycling OLD tires (which is a first). Please see www.dswa.com for more information.

Well, it has finally come...

Milltown Square's Preliminary Plan has been submitted to New Castle County Land Use Department. The Exploratory phase is complete and the TIS (Traffic Impact Study) has been completed and accepted by DELDOT. Currently, it is going to be considered at the December 1st Planning Board Meeting, which usually begins at 7 PM in the Gilliam Building located at 77 Reads Way.

A brief description of Milltown Square is a mixed-use plan proposed at the northwest corner of Limestone and Milltown Roads. It is currently zoned Suburban (residential). The plan is asking for it to be rezoned to Commercial. It would consist of three (3) buildings with the first level being retail, second level being office and the third level being residential apartments.

Be prepared to attend the Planning Board Hearing as they give recommendation to New Castle County Council for approval or denial of the plan.

If you have any additional comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Stephanie Rizzo
Legislative Aide to Councilman Sheldon
800 N. French Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

Dredging in the park

New Castle County Parks was out dredging the base ball field .


Pyles Ford Road - Route 82

Pyles Ford Road

BR1-120 Route 82 South of Barley Mill Road

Covered bridge at Ashland NC & Barley Mill Road .

DEEP Zilla PB / RB & FLU are new tags for us .

We we able to get the barn red from Ashland & painted Wednesday .