Revenue ideas to offset the Administration’s proposed 25% property tax increase from Tim Sheldon

Revenue ideas to offset the Administration’s proposed 25% property tax increase

When faced with the proposed 25% property tax increase, I called upon my constituents to think of ways to increase revenue and reduce waste. Below you will find several different ideas we had to help balance New Castle County’s FY2010 budget. Most of these would require State approval to go into effect. New Castle County will need your assistance to contact your State Senators and Representatives and ask them to make these ideas a reality. Let’s be honest, any property tax increase imposed onto businesses will just be passed onto consumers. This is why I believe user fees should be used moreso than property tax increases.

Kent County currently imposes a county tax specifically for libraries. However, not everyone uses the library system and basically it is just another property tax increase. This is why I think it should be turned into a user fee. There are over 300,000 library card holders. If we were to charge $25 dollars for a library card registration (more for out of state registrants), it could possibly generate over $7.5 million to help compensate the $13.8 million projected library expenditures, which does not include capital costs. Library cards could be good for one (1) year. Currently, the library card includes free DVD rentals. We had previously brought up charging for DVD rentals. The Library Advisory Board argued that DVDs are educational and it was voted down. Since there would be a user fee for a library card, I feel easier about not charging for DVD usage. Library users also have access to our Internet service. I feel $25 per year for these uses are justifiable.

Delaware State Parks are generally funded through various rates, fees and charges. New Castle County Parks (only Regional, i.e. Glasgow, Delcastle; and District, i.e. Powell Ford, Banning;) should follow in the same footsteps. One potential estimate of the number of park users is through the number of households. The Census Bureau indicated there are 212,000 households in 2007. Assuming that 1 out of 3 households use these types of parks and we were to require a $10 park pass (more for out of state registrants), it could generate $700,000 to $900,000 additional revenue for the County. This is being conservative since the sports teams and pavilion rentals are not being incorporated in this number. We would have to hire someone to police the parks for permits and issue tickets. However, a part-time seasonal employee could do the job. It could also help alleviate the vandalism and trash complaints.

While on the topic of parks, let’s discuss Neighborhood Parks. I have proposed to several of my neighborhoods the option of receiving mowing and clean-up funds directly to their active civic association. This would cut our costs and possibly help our neighborhoods gain some insight on the costs to mow their parks. I had asked for the mowing work orders for the 32 neighborhood parks in my district. It cost an average of $1,510 to mow each park. If we gave 75% of that to the Civic Associations, there would be an average savings of $378 per park. There are 213 neighborhood parks in New Castle County. That equals approximately $80,000 in savings.

It is time to update our Land Use fees. The impact fees currently being charged to developers are out of date. According to the UDC, impact fees are one (1) time payments used to fund system improvements (i.e. Libraries, Fire & Rescue, Emergency Medical Services, Law Enforcement, Parks and special facilities, and County Facilities for residential) needed to accommodate development. There are several different approaches to calculating impact fees. The bottom line is, developers are not being charged according to today’s standards and it is time these fees were updated.

The Department of Land Use is also in charge of registering rental properties. There is currently no charge in registering your rental property. There are inspections taking place specifically Rental Code related and New Castle County is incurring these costs. It is time for the landlords to compensate for these expenses. There are 33,400 registered rental properties in New Castle County. If we charged $25 per rental property ($1,500 for rental communities), this could possibly generate an additional $800,000 for New Castle County.

The City of Wilmington has a vacant property registration program. The purpose of this program is to hold the property owners of these vacant properties accountable for the condition and their effect on the surrounding properties. If we were to follow the City of Wilmington’s standard, registration fees would be anywhere from $500 to $5,000 annually. Currently, there are 77 open vacant properties on record with the Department of Land Use’s Code Enforcement Division. Charging these annual fees can create from $38,500 to $385,000 additional revenue annually. I am sure there are more than we are aware. If this law is created and enforced, more vacant properties will be brought to our attention and more revenue will be generated.

New Castle County recently put the Delcastle Golf Course out to bid. It is time to utuilze a private/public industry for Carousel Park. We would keep the programs that are money makers and allow an outside firm to run their operations. It is believed that almost $1M could be saved in doing so. New Castle County is also paying to run the Police Athletic League (PAL). It is time to wean ourselves out of the PAL program. Allowing the PAL to take over the daily operations (including all educational and recreational programs) could save New Castle County approximately $1.2M annually. It is time to get back to basics. Let the teachers teach and have the non-profits pick up the slack. I would hope New Castle County Police would commit to donate 40 hours annually to the PAL and give back to the community.

During the Row Offices Budget Hearing, it was brought to Council’s attention that the Sheriff’s office provides documents to the Attorney General’s office. It is State mandated that we provide the documents free-of-charge. We have provided 8,000 documents to the Attorney General’s Office. Normally, the Sheriff’s office would charge the public, $40 for a copy of such documents. If we could charge the Attorney General’s office, the Sheriff’s Department could create $320,000 additional revenue for the County.

In 2005, I did bring to the County and City of Wilmington’s attention about our sludge problem. I offered a solution that would be environmental friendly and falls under the Kyoto treaty. The sludge product is manufactured through a bio-thermal technology. Without getting too technical, the sludge is cleaned and the metals are taken out. It is turned into a product similar to coal, but cleaner, and could be sold to Delmarva Power as additional revenue. Additionally, the methane gas released from the manufacturing of the product could also be piped off to Delmarva Power for additional revenue. Since we share the expenses with the City of Wilmington, we would have to share the revenue.

When County Executive Coons announced the first tax increase, I offered several ideas to save money. Instead of putting money into the Farmland Preservation Fund, New Castle County should institute TDRs (transfer of development rights). This allows the farmers and developers to work together. This can also be used for any new buildings New Castle County would like to build, like a Southern Library or EMS Station.

In 2007, the State of Delaware mandated Dog Control onto the counties. It cost us $1M to hire Kent County SPCA to perform dog control in New Castle County. The State of Delaware, however, collects the dog licensing fees. If New Castle County is responsible for dog control, we should now collect the dog licensing fees. According the Department of Natural Resources (DNREC) website, there were 16,529 dog licenses sold in the State of Delaware. Since New Castle County accounts for 54% of the households in the State, we could collect anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 from the fees. This will offset our costs to provide dog control in New Castle County, even if it is a little.

New Castle County’s website is a popular tool among our residents, businesses and visitors. It is estimated that we get 134,397,167 hits annually on our website. People utilize it to obtain Land Use information or to get acclimated with the programs Community Services offer. Why not allow businesses to advertise on New Castle County’s website? We can charge for space. I think it’s an inventive way to create revenue.

New Castle County hired Public Financial Management from Philadelphia to provide statistics on several proposals to the State Legislature on possible revenue generators that required State action to become a reality. I believe several were incredibly innovative and deserve more attention. For instance, the City of Wilmington and Dewey Beach are able to collect a lodging tax. If New Castle County would be allowed the same, it could possibly create $1.9 to $5.2 million annually. This would mainly be imposed on visitors. New Castle County receives a 911 surcharge through residential customers. Since more customers are opting to use cell phones instead of land lines, New Castle County should also impose a surcharge on cell phones to help cover the cost of emergency services. If adopted, the 911 Cell Phone Surcharge could result in an estimated $1.3 million to $2.6 million annually. Lastly, Public Safety is one of the biggest expenses to New Castle County but there are not many chances for cost recovery. One idea the Administration had was to add a surcharge onto traffic violations issued by New Castle County Police. If we would be allowed to do this by State law, it could add $250,000 to $600,000 annually.

If you include the aforementioned revenue generators with the proposed cuts in salaries and services, it would balance the budget! I would also like to propose this be Revenue determined. If New Castle County starts to operate back in the black, these fees can be reduced. Hopefully the General Assembly would allow New Castle County to do this under Title 9. Please contact your State Senator and Representative and tell them you want to see these proposals enacted.

I would also like to propose this be Revenue determined. If New Castle County starts to operate back in the black, these fees can be reduced. Please contact your State Senator and Representative and tell them you want to see these proposals enacted.

Tim Sheldon was elected to the New Castle County Council, 9th District in November, 2004. The 9th District boundaries lie from Prices Corner, Kirkwood Highway to Newark, north to the Pike Creek area then west to Lancaster Pike area. Tim has served as Chairman of the Personnel Committee for New Castle County Council. He currently serves as Co-Chair of the Special Services Committee for New Castle County Council. Contact info for comment tpsheldon@nccde.org

Meeting Reminder 7 PM May 4th at Marbrook

Brookland Terrace Civic Club meeting is Monday at 7PM May 4th at Marbrook ....

Brookland Terrace Civic Club Meeting

Monday May 4th at 7 p.m. Marbrook Elementary School

This will be a kids friendly meeting

2101 Centerville Rd WILMINGTON, DE 19808

On the Agenda

-Yard Sale May 16th
-School Board Elections
-Yard waste
-the new trash cans in park
-Summer Park Events
-Drainage basin parallel to 300 Brookland Ave.
-how can we help our neighbors out

Brookland Terrace Civic Club
Incorporated 1940




Charters, equity among topics at Red Clay school board candidates forum

Charters, equity among topics at Red Clay school board candidates forumBy Antonio Prado
Community News

Red Clay school Board elections 12 May Time of Election: 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. WHERE TO VOTE near us Marbrook Elementary School 2101 Centerville Rd

Nominating District "C" - Term expires June 30, 2012
William T. Hall: February 20, 2009
David A. McCorquodale: WITHDREW - March 10, 2009
Eric S. Randolph: March 5, 2009

Nominating District "E" - Term expires June 30, 2014
Marguerite E. Vavalla: February 20, 2009
Kimberly A. Williams: March 5, 2009

"Please know that every Red Clay citizen over 18 years of age can vote in each school bard election and for each open seat, not just their own nominating district. Kim Williams and I would really appreciate your group's support as we are both parents of district students, PTA presidents, and are focused on raising the bar for all of Red Clay's schools, not just an elite few. Hope to hear from you and thank again. ............... I will be at John Dickinson HS tomorrow morning at 9:00 for a staff/student forum with the other candidates, I will be at the Triangle Neighborhood Association meeting on May 4th at 7:00, Northstar Elementary PTA meeting 7:00 May 6th, and a couple of other nights out at non-speaking Red Clay District events. Then the election is May 12th all day at a host of different school voting sites. Let me know if I could meet with you or anyone else on another night to hear your issues and provide my opinions/positions! Thanks. Eric Randolph"

Red Clay School Board Candidate letters

See all so Fix Red Clay

April 13, 2009

To Family, Friends and Red Clay Citizens:

I am officially running for a Red Clay Consolidated School District board of education position and would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am a husband, father of three children and a licensed Delaware school psychologist. My daughter, Madisen, is a 4th grade student at Brandywine Springs School; my son, Jack, is a 1st grade student in the Meadowood Program; and my youngest son, Sean, will turn two years-old this summer. My wife, Jennifer, a long-time Kindergarten teacher, is now a stay-at-home mom caring for our disabled son and youngest child.

As a professional educator working in the New Castle County Vocational-Technical School District, I chose to dedicate my career to the support and advocacy of children. I helped form the Meadowood Program PTA in 2007 when the district’s financial crisis resulted in cuts to special education programs serving Red Clay’s significantly disabled students. I currently serve as the PTA president and work collaboratively with Meadowood Program staff and parents to help ensure the best possible educational experience for these wonderful yet needy students. As a school psychologist at Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington I spend my days working with teachers and staff supporting the complex learning needs of a diverse student population.

My experience as a father raising both a non-disabled and a significantly disabled child, my work as the Meadowood Program PTA president, and my school psychology career afford me a unique perspective and a firsthand understanding of the many issues facing our Delaware public school system. As a board of education member, I will continue to address these issues in order to improve our education system for all students, staff, and parents in the Red Clay community.

Like many of you with children in Red Clay schools, I have a vested interest in promoting positive changes in the district that directly support classroom level initiatives. As a school board candidate with children in the schools, I will continue to push for reforms that provide greater opportunity for all of our children and grandchildren to compete and succeed in today’s global environment.

For further information you can log on to HYPERLINK "http://www.parentleadersofredclay.blogspot.com" www.parentleadersofredclay.blogspot.com. I can be reached via email at HYPERLINK "mailto:ericsrandolph@yahoo.com" ericsrandolph@yahoo.com or by phone at (302) 547-0274 to answer your questions or discuss your concerns.

Your support for me and my running mate, Kim Williams (nominating district “E”), in the upcoming Red Clay school board election on May 12th would be greatly appreciated. And, if you decide to support my candidacy, I also would welcome a small financial donation or your volunteer time.

Thank you,

Eric S. Randolph


Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Kim Williams
Kim Williams is a mother of two school-aged children who attend Red Clay public schools (Forest Oak Elementary and Conrad Schools of Science), and a parent leader/volunteer. She and her family currently live in Klair Estates.

Personal Background
Kim is a lifelong Wilmington resident, having graduated from Wilmington High School. Her husband, Carl has been employed at the General Motors plant on Boxwood Road for 28 years. Prior to becoming a stay at home mother, Kim worked for an electrical contractor for twelve years. When she resigned, she was the Office Manager, responsible for millions of dollars in accounts payable/receivables.

School Leader
Kim has volunteered for years in her children’s schools in a wide variety of roles --- the HOST Program, the lunchroom, and as Treasurer for the Forest Oak PTA. She chaired many PTA committees including: Program Assemblies, Teacher Appreciation activities, Family Nights, and membership drives.

She is concluding her fourth year as President of the Forest Oak PTA. The Delaware PTA awarded Forest Oak PTA its “Outstanding Membership Award” in 2006-07 for achieving a 202% increase in membership and reaching parent membership equal to 93% of student enrollment!

When Kim’s daughter entered middle school at Conrad Schools of Science, Kim was elected vice-president of that school’s PTO, she served as secretary for the Red Clay Consolidated Grant Parent Advisory Council, and she currently serves on the Conrad’s Building Leadership Team.

Parent Activist
Kim Williams is co-founder and co-editor of the respected “Fix Red Clay” blog which she started in 2008 with another Red Clay parent, Anne O’Malia. The establishment of this blog was created for people who wanted to discuss issues and join together to make a difference in our public education system.

“Fix Red Clay” blog has received over 105,000 ‘hits’ since its inception, an incredible degree of popularity for a website run by two volunteer parents. The blog has provided the Red Clay community with a forum for the exchange of opinions about the Red Clay School District and its leadership.

“I ask Red Clay voters for the opportunity to serve on our school board. My experience as a parent and a school leader qualifies me for this position. A school board made up of individuals who do not have children in the schools that they represent is not in the best interest of our school system. We need to have someone who will actually be affected by the decisions of the school board. I have had the opportunity first hand to see how those decisions affect the students, teachers, staff, and parents and I believe it is time to have parents be a part of those decisions. If elected, I will work diligently to restore your faith in our school district and to serve, as I always have, with honesty, integrity, and a commitment to transparency.”


William T. Hall
Red Clay Consolidated School District Board Candidate

Background and Qualifications

I am a Red Clay parent. Both of my children presently attend the Cab Calloway School, one in middle school and one in high school.

I am also a Red Clay Husband. My wife is a teacher in the district at the Brandywine Springs School. We are residents of Red Clay for twenty-six years.

I am a PhD Chemist employed by the DuPont Company for 28 years. My job involves working in a collaborative team environment to develop innovative, multimillion-dollar products on time and on budget.

I, along with my wife, have been involved in many school activities over the thirteen years we’ve been Red Clay parents. I chaired the parent committee that wrote and gained approval of the bylaws that established the PTO at Brandywine Springs when that school reopened in 2000.

I have been attending Red Clay School Board meetings for more than ten years and have a have good knowledge of board operation. I was, for ten years, a member of the board of the Greater Hockessin Area Development Association (GHADA), an umbrella civic group.

Some of my other civic activities include participation in the Science Alliance (an industry group whose mission was to promote science education in the public schools) and service as a judge for the Texaco-Star Academic Challenge (a “College Bowl” style contest open to all high schools throughout the state).

The Red Clay district serves over 17,000 students and has an operating budget of 163 million dollars. My background, experience and commitment to community service make me well qualified to serve on the board.

Objectives as a Board Member

My objectives as a board member would include at least the following:

Stay focused on the Red Clay mission: to deliver quality education in a safe and secure learning environment.

Operate in a way that taxpayers have confidence their tax dollars are being accounted for properly and spent wisely.

Find the right structure and curriculum for each school so that all are high achieving.

Make district schools a great place to work so that we attract and retain talented teachers.

Eliminate burdensome, non-value adding requirements. As we are called upon to do more with less, all of our efforts must be value tested against educational benefits.

Contact Information
Email: whall.rccsd@comcast.net
Address: 14 Staten Drive, Hockessin, Delaware 19707

Of note : We are not endorsing any of the candidates we called & or emailed all of them & this is what we received


ParkCleanUp Great Success

Thanks to Everyone Who Came Out to Help

The 2009 Woodland Run Park ParkCleanUp was a

Great Success

Thanks to all that came out Saturday & the whole week .

There was a lot less trash to pick up on East Brookland & by the ball field

A special those that pick up trash as a mater of course .

Brookland Terrace Civic Club Volunteers will be emptying
trash cans in the park on a ongoing bases

If You would like to help with the ongoing efforts just let us know .



2905 Ferris Road/Centre Road
Brookland Terrace Civic Club
Incorporated 1940

Thanks go out to New Castle County Parks Special Services for picking up the trash so quickly on Monday as well


ParkCleanUp Reminder

Brookland Terrace Civic Club


Volunteers Needed!

Woodland Run Park
Little Mill Creek

We are meeting at the ball diamond

Trash bags, and poker sticks will be provided
10 AM Saturday 25th of April
Try to bring garden Gloves Rain date2May2009

Yard Sale
May 16th
Rain date17May2009
Next Civic Club Meeting

Monday May 4 at 7 p.m. Marbrook Elementary School

2101 Centerville Rd WILMINGTON, DE 19808
On the Agenda

-School Board Elections
-Yard waste
-the new trash cans in park
-Summer Park Events
-Drainage basin parallel to Brookland Ave
-how can we help our neighbors out

Brookland Terrace Civic Club
Incorporated 1940

2905 Ferris Road/Centre Road
Wilmington Delaware 19805



- President-Charles C Stirk Jr
302.463.2239 ccstirkjr@gmail.com

- Secretary William Wheatley
302.996.9503 williamwheatley@aol.com


Lost dog Found by Neighborhood Children

Lost dog Found by Neighborhood Children ....

Ok This might also read " dog leaves yard with out permision to visit with neighborhood children ...."

Or "Dog went home after hour vist with neighborhood children on nice day ."

Fourth lost dog in a month PetIssuesGroup will have some thing to talk about at the 4th of may Civic Club meeting ...


Armstrong Ave Cleaned ... Roselle Graffiti

"I was able to clean all of the graffiti off of the left hand guard rail on the 600 block of armstrong. The graffiti on the right hand side would not come off. Mike P"

Sharon Beck from Roselle "I was at my local civic association meeting last night, and one of our members gave me your AntiGraffitiBrigade flyer. The back of my shed was recently "tagged" I was told is the terminology. It has been there a few weeks. I have tried every product that has been recommended but to no avail. It won't come off. "

Not a bunch of luck on the shed ...William Wheatley & Chuck Stirk stoped by on the way to the Civic League For New Castle County meeting tonight ... but we were able to clean the park sign pretty easily ...


SB1-606 Graffiti Clean Up

We had some new Graffiti we called it in to the 573 2800 non emergency at 911 centre tonight

Delaware State Trooper Raiford Box IV from Troop 6 came out in about ten minutes & waited while the BTCC AntiGraffitiBrigade painted over .

New graffiti was from some time this after noon today ..


Piedmont PaintOver BR1-119 BR1-120 BR1-110

The AntiGraffitiBrigade Piedmont Delaware PaintOver of BR1-119 BR1-120 BR1-110

Went quite well thanks to ............

William Wheatley , Brian Baukman , Steve Beare & Mike Phillips

Also ...

The DelDot Green Paint rocks ..........

Thanks to DelDot for making sure we got the paint in time ....


Location changed for Yard Waste Drop Sites - DNREC hearing & dog is back in the park .

Yard Waste Drop Sites - DNREC hearing 4/16 – 7:00 p.m.

Location changed to Deerfield Golf and Tennis Club ballroom,
507 Thompson Station Road, Milford Crossroads

Deerfield is located at 507 Thompson Station Road, north of Newark.
From Newark, proceed north on Paper Mill Road.
At Milford Crossroads (location of Bank of America facility and Shell Station) go west on
Thompson Station Road and watch for the well-marked entrance on the left

Glen Fuller is going & reporting back



And the big red dog is happily back in the park ...


Barley Mill Plaza and Greenville Center. from Bob Weiner, County Councilman

Update from Bob Weiner, County Councilman
Council District 2, New Castle County, DE

Let’s set the record straight regarding the Stoltz expansion plans for Barley Mill Plaza and Greenville Center.

Contrary to what you may have read in the News Journal or Greenville Community News, Stoltz has not “won.” It is my firm belief that final approval for construction of a King of Prussia size complex at Barley Mill Plaza or a 12 story building at Greenville Center will never be obtained. Why?

First, only conditional approval was issued by the County for Stoltz’ pending plans. The Stoltz “media blitz” proclaiming victory conveniently omitted to mention all the hurdles that have to be cleared before its plans will be unconditionally approved by New Castle County. Evidently Stoltz hoped its misinformation campaign would take the fight out of the community. Just the opposite has occurred!

Stoltz still has to convince the Land Use Department that its plans are consistent with the intent of the New Castle County Unified Development Code [UDC], in order to satisfy the condition for plan approval. Citizens for Responsible Growth in New Castle County [CRG] recently filed a twenty page Request for Interpretation with the New Castle County Land Use Department that highlights, with legal citations, the numerous ways in which the Stoltz plans violate the UDC.

The Planning Board can overturn the Land Use Department on appeal from disputed interpretations of the UDC. At the March 3, 2009, public hearing, the Planning Board was powerless to express a position on the Stoltz plans, but the Board is not powerless when contested interpretations of the UDC are placed before it on appeal.

Second, DelDOT has not granted approval to the Stoltz plans. The highly respected regional traffic engineering firm of Orth Rodgers Associates [ORA] has identified major flaws with the traffic data provided to DelDOT by Stoltz. In response, Citizens for Responsible Growth recently commissioned ORA to take reliable new traffic counts at Greenville Center. CRG is also commissioning a software traffic simulation showing how the Buck Road entrance is failing and how it will be even worse if expansion is allowed.

Our State Legislators and I have written to DelDOT demanding that it not approve any expanded use of the Buck Road entrance at Greenville Center. [see most recent letter from Senator Mike Katz, Representative Debbie Hudson and Representative Gerry Brady appended below.]

We are also demanding that DelDOT exercise its power under a recent Delaware Chancery Court decision to require downsizing of the proposed Barley Mill Plaza complex to assure Level of Service D and to protect existing intersections and road segments from further deterioration.

Third, CRG has hired respected professionals to assist the community. In addition to ORA, the highly respected firm of KCI Engineers with its extensive fire-safety expertise has been retained for emergency vehicle and internal circulation matters, and the nationally renowned land planning and design firm of Torti Gallas has been engaged for advice on the best design principals for mixed use development. Additional funds are also being raised to pay for outside legal representation if the battle moves into court.


The Stoltz proposals are “mixed-use” plans in name only. They contain many inferior design features and would degrade the viability of the Brandywine Valley as a place to live for new businesses that might relocate here and as a tourist draw.

No commitment has been made by Stoltz to promptly commence and rapidly complete construction, with all its touted benefits for the County, because financing for new construction will not be available until leases are signed for the stores, offices and apartments that Stoltz wants to construct. This will not happen until after an economic recovery is underway.

The new minimum wage jobs touted by Stoltz will simply cannibalize existing jobs and reduce the tax base at other shopping centers, by drawing the same pool of shoppers and workers to Stoltz’ new buildings, increasing vacancies in other areas and causing blight with all its problems and diminished taxes.

Building more shopping centers to provide tax-free shopping for out-of-state residents will use up what little traffic capacity is left to support the “next Astra Zeneca” type of high wage employer. A of prominent executives living in our area, some active and others retired, has come together to support the State and County in attracting the right kinds of employers to these sites.

Past negotiations between CRG and Stoltz have been positive. I commend both groups for that effort. However, it has been over one month since the March 3rd County public hearing at which Stoltz represented it would be filing new plans that addressed community concerns. Where are these plans? When will we see them?

The community’s longstanding offer of negotiations to achieve a “win-win” compromise continues to be extended by CRG to Stoltz – not from a position of weakness -- but from a position of strength. Your elected officials and I, in tandem with a broad alliance of civic organizations, corporate leaders and concerned citizens, are hard at work to protect our community’s quality of life. With your continued support, our prospects of success are maximized so that we can attain our goal: protection of our community character AND responsible growth in New Castle County.


Bob Weiner

Robert S. Weiner
Council District 2, New Castle County, DE


New Castle County Civic League Next Meeting April 21, 2009

Tuesday April 21, 2009
at 7:00 PM
Public Safety Building
3601 N. duPont Hwy (Route 13)
New Castle, DE

School Board Candidate Forum Scheduled for April 20th, 7:30 PM, Hockessin Memorial Hall

Greater Hockessin Area Development Association and the Community News will hold a candidate forum on 20 April , 2009 at 7:30 p.m. at Hockessin Memorial Hall.

For more details and instructions on how to submit a question in advance, go to ...


Report a Street or Area Light Outage

delmarva Street or Area Light Outage Submission Form

2 graffiti vandals caught in act

Two men were arrested Sunday evening after troopers allegedly spotted them spray painting a concrete wall in the area of Prices Corner, state police said today.

Lee LePore, 20, of Deer Run Road in Townsend, and Philip Wadsley, 21, of Decoy Way in Newark, were each charged with graffiti vandalism, possession of graffiti implements, resisting arrest and conspiracy, all misdemeanors. Both were issued a criminal summons and released.

Troopers were on foot near the Kirkwood Highway overpass by Greenbank Road shortly before 7 p.m. when they allegedly saw the men spraying graffiti on a wall, said state police spokesman Cpl. Jeff Whitmarsh.

As the troopers approached, the men attempted to flee but were caught after a brief chase and were found to have a backpack with multiple cans of spray paint, he said.


AntiGraffiti Painting in Piedmont DE. Sat. 18 April 10 AM

BR1-119 & BR1-120 in Piedmont scheduled for next Saturday 18 April 10 AM

Brookland Terrace Civic Club


- Charles C Stirk Jr

- William Wheatley


Closure I-95 southbound Ramp (5B) to Route 141 northbound to Newport

04/15/2009  to 04/15/2009 Closure I-95 southbound Ramp (5B) to Route 141 northbound to Newport

Ramp closed on Wednesday, April 15 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for placement of electrical poles. Signs will be posted for detour information.


NCC Libraries - April 13-18, 2009

In appreciation for all the loyal patrons and visitors to New Castle County's libraries, the Department of Community Services is offering fine forgiveness to everyone who returns overdue items the week of April 13-18, 2009. Fine forgiveness will be in effect for overdue materials returned between 10:00 a.m. on Monday, April 13 and 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 18, 2009.

In order for your fine to be waived, you must bring the materials to the circulation desk in person. This is a one-time only event.

By participating in Amnesty Week, you will help make your overdue items available for use by other library patrons.

For more information about Amnesty Week, please call your local library.

Yard Waste Drop Sites - hearings

Dear ALL:

Below is an email I received from Janet Kilpatrick, Aide for the State Representatives, when I had inquired about the Public Meeting Notice regarding the yard waste drop-offs. Please plan on attending to voice your opinion/concerns.

Stephanie, this is all part of the budget crunch.
The following is part of an email that I recently sent to my Reps.

To all, last year (in June) DNREC decided that they were going to close all of the yard waste sites in New Castle County. Through the Bond Bill, they were banned from closing. DNREC was mandated to conduct public hearings and to submit a plan for maintaining those sites. See copy of epilogue language below.

Section 88. Yard Waste Drop Sites. It is the intent of the General Assembly that all yard waste
drop sites in New Castle County remain operational unless otherwise directed by the General Assembly.
The Department of Natural Resources shall conduct public hearings on and submit a plan for maintaining
operations of the yard waste drop sites to the General Assembly by May 2009.

Those hearings are now being scheduled (see below). If you have an interest or feel that your constituency would be interested, please plan to attend. DNREC, at least at the Judge Morris site, has recently bartered to have the yard waste mulched. While this process look care of one step in the process, it also removed all of the mulch that was free to the community.
7:00 p.m.
4/14 – Bellevue hall
4/15 – Bear library
4/16 – Judge Morris Estate.

Stephanie Rizzo
Legislative Aide to Councilman Sheldon
800 N. French Street
Wilmington, DE 19801


Route 82 Graffiti

Hey every one since we ran out of Graffiti in Brookland Terrace & Debbie Hudson asked us to have a look at Route 82
So William Wheatley & Chuck went for a drive & did a small paint over ..


New Castle County Phone List

New Castle County Phone List
Office of County Executive
Christopher A. Coons 395-5101

Information, Assistance and Property Complaints
Information, Assistance, Complaints,
and Code Enforcement 395-5555

Community Services
Community Partnership 395-5600
Neighborhood Rehabilitation 395-5600
Section 8 395-5600
Library Administration 395-5617
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Training & Orientation At Farrows

Mike Anderson from Del-DOT the Maintenance Area Supervisor 1 , Rj Miles Citizens Anti-Graffiti Brigade 3 Captain & Chuck from the B.T.C.C. AntiGraffitiBrigade went to training & orientation at Farrow System today .. Mike was able to clean paint off of a soft pine with out damaging the wood . We also learned from Chris Cuthbert that Farrow Systen is used by NYC to clean Graffiti off trees

Milltown Square Planning Board Meeting

The public Planning Board Meeting has been scheduled to discuss the Exploratory Plan for Milltown Square. It is set for Tuesday, May 5, 2009, at 7 PM in the General Purpose Meeting Room at Gilliam Building, 77 Reads Way, New Castle, DE 19720.

Please attend to voice your concerns directly to the Planning Board and the Department of Land Use.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, but would like to submit your opinion in writing, you can do so at LandUse@nccde.org. Please put Planning Board - Milltown Square in the subject line.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Thank you!

Stephanie Rizzo
Legislative Aide to Councilman Sheldon
800 N. French Street
Wilmington, DE 19801