BTCC Meeting Tues 2 Oct 7PM

BTCC Meeting Tuesday 2nd of October
Marbrook Elementary School - 2101 Centerville Road

 Halloween Party 
 Saturday October 20th Noon 
508 Armstrong Ave  Rain or Shine
For more info or to help please call 994-1642


-New Marbrook No Parking Signage

-New Four way Stop at Ohio & Rhode Island

-Woodrow & Terrace sign in the works to be fixed 

-Brush & Limbs obscuring signs & intersections

Should we will be asking Del-DOT forestry to trim issue areas ?

 If you would like to do it yourself  please let us know. 

NCC Woodland Run Park 

-Toy Motorcycle Fixed By NCC Parks
-Creek banks trimmed

-Disorderly Premises Issues & Updates 

-New no trailers on street law explained 


We will have update at the meeting from Officer Reynolds 
of the New Castle County Police Community Services Unit

If You See Suspicious Activity Call 911

Come to the meeting to find out more & avoid being the next victim of a crime . 

  Brookland Terrace Civic Club

    302.463.2239 brooklandterrace@gmail.com

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