Important public meeting with DelDOT on Route 48 truck traffic is setfor Tuesday, October 4th

Important public meeting with DelDOT on Route 48 truck traffic is set for Tuesday, October 4th

Community residents are invited to an important meeting on Tuesday, October 4th that is being held by a coalition of residents and businesses located along Route 48.
DelDOT and elected officials have been invited to attend to hear the community's concerns over the closing of Route 41 to truck traffic and the subsequent increased truck traffic on Route 48.
The meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on October 4th in the auditorium of Wilmington Christian School.
DelDOT representatives are expected to be in attendance. 
Residents are warned about an IRS phone scam

New Castle County Councilwoman Janet Kilpatrick released the following important message: Please be aware that pre-recorded calls claiming to be the IRS and threatening lawsuits if the call is not returned with a phone number provided are being made to cell phones and land lines in the northern New Castle County area. If you receive a call like this, it is a scam. The County Police have been alerted and provided the following tips regarding ongoing IRS scams. In addition, if you receive one of these types of calls, you can report the activity to the Treasury Inspection General for Tax Administration at 1-800-366-4484 or www.tigta.gov.

Helping to recognize Delaware's local volunteer firefighters

Rep. Hudson helped to recognize some of our first responders at last week's annual lunch for the Delaware Volunteer Firefighter's Association.
(In photo: Daniel Carrier, President of the Hockessin Fire Company, and members of the Hockessin Fire Company)

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