DPL & Del-DOT Maintenance Issues in Brookland Terrace. April 2015

Del-DOT Maintenance Issues in Brookland Terrace. April 2015


- BR1-606 Multiple lights out NB & SB Centerville Road

- BR1-640 Multiple lights out NB - SB All lights out  Centerville Road

 Road Conditions

We coming up on one year reported anniversary for both of these

- Sink Hole 300 Block of Armstrong Ave 19805  Del-Dot work order # 622469

- Fixed April 2015 - Collapsing Storm Drain 2900 Centre Ferris Road  - Greenbank Road 19805 on google maps roughly at Armstrong Ave   ( Reported March 2014) Along with multiple other storm drains & curbing for 100+ feet .

- Water Leak  at Patch 141 Maryland Ave Wilmington De 19805 at Ohio Ave (Reported 4/20/15 )

- Fixed 2 April 2015 - Pot holes Vermont Ave - Centerville Road Reported to Del-DOT (Reported 1/4/15)

-  Sinkhole 106 Hillside Ave (Reported 3/2015)

 - Signage added at Centre - Ferris Road at North Woodward Ave .

 After a car hit another house after running over curbat North Woodward Ave


Utility Repaving 

- North Woodward Ave at Virginia

Lights Out 

North Woodward



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