An Update From Save Our County

An Update From Save Our County

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

An important milestone in the Barley Mill Plaza case is fast approaching.  The trial is set for 10am Monday April 22 at the Kent County Courthouse, 38 The Green, in Dover. 

Our objective is simple – we want the rule of law followed.  We believe a traffic study is required in advance of whatever plan is pursued at Barley Mill Plaza.  We are looking forward to having our arguments heard in a court of law.

Eighteen months of hard work have gone into preparing for this milestone.  To the many fellow citizens who’ve contributed financially to this effort…thank you!  If you haven’t had the opportunity, won’t you join the fight and help support this legal action by making a contribution today?  You can donate conveniently online at http://www.save-our-county.org/ or your contribution can be mailed to Save Our County, P.O. Box 4164, Wilmington, DE 19807-0164.

The trial is open to the community.  As always, seating availability is subject to the courtroom we're assigned and attendance.  We look forward to seeing you on April 22.

Your Neighbors at Save Our County

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