ALERT: New Program to Assist Manufactured Homeowners

The Manufactured Housing Assistance Program (MHAP) is a vital asset in helping Delawareans facing the loss of their home due to unforeseen financial hardships.  Due to the classification of manufactured homes as personal property and not real estate, owners have been ineligible to receive assistance under other foreclosure prevention programs.  MHAP is zero-percent interest deferred loan of up to $5,000 that enables owners of manufactured homes on rented land, or on a lot owned by the homeowner, to receive payment assistance for past due lot rent and/or home payments.

This assistance could help save many Delawareans from losing their homes.  Manufactured homeowners who are delinquent and at risk of repossession or eviction should contact DSHA or an approved housing counseling agency as soon as possible to see if this program is right for them. To apply for the program, please contact the appropriate agency from the following list:

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