New survey available New Castle County Police Department


New Castle County Police Department

Colonel W. Scott McLaren

Chief of Police

Survey available to the Public

The New Castle County Division of Police has instituted a web based survey the public can complete to express the experiences that they have had with the police department and 911.

In the constant efforts to improve service to the public, insight is needed to determine the Division’s strengths and weaknesses.  This survey will capture important information that will be utilized to further enhance service to our communities.

The survey is available under the “Survey” tab at the division’s web site, www.nccpd.com .  The survey is free and anonymous.

The Division encourages the public to complete this quick and easy survey.  This evaluation of the service provided, will serve as a guide for the Division of Public Safety as it strives to provide continued excellence in policing.

Please forward this information to your family, friends and neighbors.

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