Artesian Water Main Break Reported 2800 Block of Centre - Ferris Road

From William Wheatley

6:30am Saturday - This morning I called Artesian Water about the leak in front of 2913 Centre-Ferris Road at 6:30am.

7:45AM SATURDAY - NCC Sewer Department came around 7:45 an he told me it was a break in water main - and the leak that I called in about 2809 is a broken turn off valve which the Artesian water is sending someone to check and fix.

The NCC sewer department man told me that the street will probably be closed and dug up to fix the water main break.

That starts off a nice day in Brookland Terrace.

- 2PM SATURDAY - Water leak fixed and turned back on - don't think we will get repaved

- Sunday Update Water Sill leaking up from valve in street Artesian Water is meant to come out on Monday

William thanks for dealing with this ..

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