Del DOT Archaeology & Historic Background Research Report w Maps .

We found part of a Del DOT Archaeology & Historic Background Research Report with some interesting maps .


Excerpt of the report ..

According to deed record D-29-605, the original Brookland Terrace subdevelopment was platted in 1920 immediately north of the trolley line along Kirkwood Highway. The development encompassed 241.4 acres of land between Faulkland Road and Kirkwood Highway and between Ferris Road and Centerville Road and included the present day communities of Woodland Heights, Davis Terrace, and Brookland Terrace. Lots were platted on a grid with straight streets, multiple access roads, and regular lot sizes measuring 20 feet of frontage by 100 feet deep. The development grew irregularly out from three pockets along Ferris (SR 141) and Centerville roads between 1930 and the early 1950s. House lots varied in size, combining between two and six original parcels. The greatest concentration of construction occurred in the 1930s.
The 25-acre William Frederick Property subdivision, located along the east side of SR 141 immediately opposite Brookland Terrace, was platted in 1931 and developed into the 1950s. Lot sizes included 25 feet of frontage and either 100 or 125 feet of depth. Although by that time the widespread use of the automobile was leading to progressively more park-like subdevelopments with curved streets, limited access, and a growing use of cul-de-sacs, the Frederick landscape design reflects the earlier gridded plats.
Architecturally, these Wilmington suburbs developed concurrently with national trends toward smaller houses with simpler designs. The majority of Brookland Terrace’s building stock dates from the 1930s and was built in the popular bungalow style. Dwellings included Craftsman, Cape Cod, side- and front- gable cottage sub-styles, with some Colonial Revival-style dwellings. The contemporary Frederick development includes a similar mix of styles with a greater emphasis on Colonial Revival-style houses.

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