Brookland Terrace Water Main Renewal Project

There was a meeting Artesian Water , Public Service Commission & Valerie McCartan from Senator Blevins office there was a mix up on the times & the Brookland Terrace Civic Club did not connect with the rest of the group .

As Artesian Water & Public Service Commission representative the was a bit later then expected .

We were a bit bummed the Brookland Terrace didn't have a representative there as I was looking forward to settling some of the issues in one fell swoop .

We also wish to thank Senator Blevins for setting up the meeting we very much appreciate this . I had a nice conversation with Valerie McCartan from Senator Blevins office who did attend the meeting .

And we would like to thank State Representative Deborah Hudson & NCC Councilman Tim Sheldon for all he help throughout this process .

Moving forward as far as the reconstruction ..

- There is a drive way that Artesian Water compensating home owner for , Wording on this agreement needed to be modified exclude separate issue on the property & still needs to be finalized , but Artesian Water has agreed to this .

- Most of the grass issues will most likely be ongoing follow up item for Artesian Water .

After talking with Del-DOT grass has been an issue with many reconstruction projects this summer due to the odd ball weather .

There was a suggestion of rye seed to establish the banks , it is possible some sod might be needed in places though there are pros & cons such as sod needs to be watered .

If any one has any preferences on how the grass should be handled please let us know .

- There is minor road damage on East Brookland Ave that I am sure Artesian will take care of .

- As well as some fill in level of crush & run in the paper road portion of East Brookland Ave . a old piece of water main as well .

These are all the outstanding issues with the Brookland Terrace Water Main Renewal Project that we have been made aware of .

We will talk to Artesian Water about these , we are feeling we are close to the end as far as the outstanding reconstruction issues go .

If any one has any other outstanding issues that we are missing please let us know sooner rather then later .

Brookland Terrace Civic Club

brooklandterrace@gmail.com 302-463-2239


Artesian Water's Response


1. Technivate did not go into the area with the crush and run
2. This is Terra Cotta pipe it is not from our job it is not a material that would be used on any of our jobs.
3. This topsoil was done on Friday 9/16/2011
4. This road damage was not caused by Technivate and the wood is not from them either.
5. This area is covered by trees it will be hard to get grass to grow and it will be taken over by the ivy.
6. The dimples in the road were not caused by Technivate. They could have been caused by the gas company that was there after we left or the private contractor building the garage on this street.

7. Damage to East Brookland was existing before we started. I used Google earth and you can clearly see the damage in their photos.

8. The grass on East Brookland was just planted on 9/16/2011

9. The restoration from the 141 job in 2010 is not Artesians responsibility it was the states contract and their contractor was to restore the area.

10. Beech Ave. this grass was just planted on 9/16/2011 as was the grass on Walnut.

I would also like to add that I viewed the video of the area before Artesian started the job. This area gets very little sun and has a lot of tall trees so it is hard to grow grass and the ivy takes over.

As Charlie mentions, we have just recently (last week) planted grass.

Please let me know if you would like anything further.

Stu Lindner

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