Paving and rehabilitation project for Faulkland and Centerville Roads is moving forward

Updating area residents on the paving and rehabilitation project that is planned at Faulkand and Centerville Roads.

According to DelDOT, a pre-construction walkthrough has been scheduled for Tuesday (August 12th). After the walkthrough, the contractor will be submitting an initial schedule that will include the start date and location of the intersections they will be starting first.

The intersections that are included in this paving and rehab project include:

Location #1 - Lancaster Pike (RD237) from Pennsylvania Line to Centerville Road (RD272)

Location #2 - Centerville Road (RD272) from Greenbank Road (RD330) to Lancaster Pike (RD237)

Location #3 - Greenbank Road (RD330) from Centerville Road (RD272) to Centre Road (RD271)

Location #4 - Centerville Road (RD333) from Boxwood Road (RD334) to Greenbank Road (RD330)

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