Coyote Spotted in Brookland Terrace

My name is Susan and I live in 500 block of  Hillside Avenue in Brookland Terrace.  I wanted to write to you to let you know that last night I saw a coyote in our neighborhood!!!!  I was sitting on my front porch at about 10:45 p.m.  I had just thrown some stale hot dog roles in my yard for the birds/squirrels and walked over to sit down on a chair on my porch.  I left the porch light off so it wouldn't attract bugs.  It was nice and quiet with a cool breeze so I sat quietly for a few minutes.  All of the sudden, I saw something running down the street.  I thought it was odd the way it ran, almost like a gallop.  At first I thought it was a tall slender dog with short hair, then once I saw it closer I thought is that a fox?  But it was much taller then the fox I have seen wandering around.  Once it got up close enough for me to see it under the street lights, I could see as plain as day it was a single coyote.  I screamed loudly since it was headed right for my front yard and it ran off.  I thought this e-mail should be brought to the attnetion of small dog/cat owners, etc. I knew there were a few coyotes in Delaware, just not in Brookland Terrace!!!!  You have been warned, lol.  Below is a list of a few things I learned online re coyotes (I see bread is listed here, yikes):

1.  Eliminate standing sources of water,elevate bird feeders so that coyotes can't get at them.
2.  Coyotes are attracted by bread, table scraps, and even seeds. They may also be attracted by birds and rodents that come to the feeders.
3.  Do not discard edible garbage where coyotes can get to it. Also: secure garbage containers.
4.  Don't allow pets to run free. Keep them safely confined and provide secure nighttime housing for them.
5.  Discourage coyotes from “cohabitating” with humans. If you see them around your home or property, chase them away by shouting, making loud noises, or by throwing rocks at them.

Take care,
Susan Robinson
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Elsie John-dePrisco said...

Yes I have seen one also between the 200/300 block of Hillside Ave...It may be the same one.. saw it a couple months ago. I really didn't realize it was a coyote at first until I researched it..