Civic League County Candidate Night ... County Comments", the Newsletter of the Civic League for New Castle County

The Civic League for New Castle County is hosting a County Candidate Night 

New Castle County Candidates Forum Set For 7PM Oct. 17th At Cranston Heights Fire Hall

7 - 9 PM  Wednesday, October 17th at the

Cranston Heights Fire Hall 3306 Kirkwood Highway near  Prices Corner 

Moderator: Allan Loudell WDEL  Radio

We'll  be taking questions from the audience so come prepared!

First Panel (7 - 7:45 PM)
New Castle County Council Candidates

Tim Sheldon Councilman District 9 Democrat


Scott Sauer-  Republican Candidate Council District 9 Candidate

Chris  Bullock  - Democratic Candidate Council President Nominee

Mike Protack - Republican Candidate Council President Nominee

Break (7:45 - 8:15 PM)
Senate-Level Candidates' introductory remarks

Second Panel (8:15 - 9 PM)
New Castle County Executive Candidates

Tom Gordon - Candidate Democratic County Executive Nominee

Mark Blake - Republican Candidate County Executive Nominee

The October 2012 edition of the "County Comments", the Newsletter of the Civic League for New Castle County, is now available for viewing and for printing directly from our website: view or download 

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