On Tues Mar 13 County Council will vote on the Stoltz plan for 20 Montchanin

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

On Tues Mar 13 County Council will vote on the Stoltz plan for 20 Montchanin. This is a watershed decision that will forever impact the gateway to the Brandywine Valley.

We are asking Council to preserve the highly protective deed restrictions put in place 43 years ago which mandate a single low rise office building.

We object to Stoltz's plan to give up these important protections and permit retail, sportsbars/restaurants and other new uses in multiple locations across the site.

Please take a look at the attached drawing. Stoltz is proposing a buildable area covering over 80% of the site! A picture really does say a thousand words.

Many of your neighbors have already registered their objection to the Stoltz plan. But your voice needs to be heard. Please

-write or call County Council today to demand that the existing deed restrictions be preserved

-attend the final vote at 7pm on Tues Mar 13 in the City-County Building, 800 French Street in Wilmington. Speakers are encouraged...3 minute max.

The incredible beauty and heritage of this area is owned by all Delawareans. We can make a difference.

Thank you for protecting our community.

Your neighbors at Save Our County & http://www.facebook.com/saveourcounty

Email address for the full County Council is below
tkovach@nccde.org; jmreda@nccde.org; rsweiner@nccde.org;
jkilpatrick@nccde.org; phollins@nccde.org; ediller@nccde.org;
wepowersjr@nccde.org; gsmiley@nccde.org; jjcartier@nccde.org;
tpsheldon@nccde.org; jpstreet@nccde.org; dltackett@nccde.org;
jwbell@nccde.org; bob@bobweiner.com

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