Issues With Artesian Water Project

Apparently there are a multitude of issues with the recent Artesian Water Project .

Charlie Foster is the point person to contact at Artesian cfoster@artesianwater.com (302) 453-6900 .

Please copy us at brooklandterrace@gmail.com with any correspondence . As well do feel free to post your concerns in the comment section of this post as well .

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Brookland Terrace Civic Club said...

Our July 6 , 2011 Email

It is quite obvious to us that there are a multitude of issues that need to be addressed by Artesian Water concerning the Brookland Terrace Water Main Renewal.

We have been made aware of more issues and complaints concerning this current Artesian Water Company Brookland Terrace Water Main Renewal then in the entire multi year span of the Del -DOT State Road 141, Centre Road, Kirkwood Highway to Faulkland Road project .

Unfortunately this is what we have come to expect from Artesian Water projects as a Civic Club , after the last Water Main Renewal projects , work was improperly back filled leading to sink holes as well as a majority of the water valves in the rest of Brookland Terrace have needing to be replaced both damaging streets that then Del-DOT has to fix ,

Then when work is promised by Artesian Water and weeks & months go by with out completion .

This type of project can be done properly we have seen it done a multitude of times by both Del-DOT & New Castle County Special Services .

If this was an issue with Del-DOT or New Castle County Special Services an email & a follow up phone call from us would have taken care of the issues properly & normally inside of a week .

We have come to expect at our & other civic groups , Del -DOT Working Group meetings the mention of Artesian Water will cause groans and sighs .

I am sorry to say as a civic club we quite frankly dread having to deal with Artesian Water on an ongoing basis .

During the current Brookland Terrace Water Main Renewal project , gas line were broken that home owners had to notify your crews about , lack of silt fences , no traffic control , cars blocked in drive ways , water turned off with out notice , tree roots were cut with a it will be ok . With clean up and restoration staples improperly inserted , improper grading , silted up storm drains , curbs walkways & steps improperly redone , walls half redone & this is just a sampling .

The continued level of sustained incompetence on Artesian Waters part frankly astounds me , And yes the tree will fall onto county park land & New Castle County Special Services will deal with it , And yes the work that was improperly back filled that will lead to sink hole & Del DOT will fix the issue , It seems to us Artesian Water passes their issues off to others on an ongoing basis .

Every home on East Brookland , Beech , Elm & Walnut Ave. needs to be contacted by Artesian Water & have any & all their issues addressed promptly .

At our 71st Incorporation Day Events on July 30th 2 PM , I look forward to hearing that all of these issues have been addressed to everyones satisfaction .

Sadly this has not been the case